Hot elections in Kosovo. Attacks Serbian nationalists

On Sunday, Kosovo’s local elections . Serbian nationalists have called for the boycott , also attacked one of the polling stations . Kosovo is a former Serbian province that declared independence in 2008

Serbian nationalists who do not recognize Kosovo’s independence , wanted to boycott the elections. Media reported that intimidation and harassment of Serbs who decided to take part in the vote. The preliminary data shows that they have achieved their goal. For four hours before the polls close attendance in districts dominated by the Serbs was 7-13 per cent . , While in the whole of Kosovo is about 32 percent .

In Kosovska Mitrovica , a city divided between Serbs and Albanians , Serb extremists attacked the main polling station , there rozpylili gas and smashed the urn . Seriously injured was a woman who tried to escape from the apartment through a window . According to AFP , after the incident in the city vote ended an hour for the announced deadline.

Supported by Belgrade politicians believe that the elections in Kosovska Mitrovica should be declared null and void . Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe ( OSCE) , which was to oversee the elections in Kosovo , for safety reasons withdrew its observers from the city.

Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Daczić condemned the violence ” right-wing extremists who are pushing the Serbs to disaster ” and calls for a boycott of the elections. Serbia hopes to join the European Union , the proper conduct of the elections in Kosovo is one of the conditions for the integration that has set in Brussels.

Sundays vote was the first since the declaration of independence by Kosovo , which was held simultaneously throughout the country . To participate in the vote was about 1.7 million people . Preliminary voting results will be known on Wednesday.

The majority – about 90 percent . – Kosovars are Albanians , Serbs are there around 7 percent .