Vietnamese President cited the first state visit to China multi Interpretation

Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang on the 19th to the 21st the first state visit to China, but also the new Chinese leadership after the election, the Vietnamese leader’s first visit. U.S. media said the two countries in the “South China Sea dispute over sovereignty Upgrade” in the context of focus on economic cooperation. Australian scholar Taylor believes that as the United States’ return to Asia “, Truong Tan Sang is also the hope that the” Xi Olympic “Sino-US relations after the tentative trend.
Chinese President Xi Jinping on the 19th in talks with Truong Tan Sang said that both China and Vietnam to jointly develop bilateral relations between the two parties to grasp the correct direction, and unswervingly consolidate and promote the Sino-Vietnamese friendship and continuously enhance strategic mutual trust, properly handle differences, not ship of the Sino-Vietnamese relations deviate from the correct course. Truong Tan Sang said that Vietnam will inherit and carry forward the traditional friendship between the two countries, so that the development of relations between Vietnam and better for their own development and create a favorable external environment.
Russian political scientist Anatoly Voronin on the 18th of the “Voice of Russia”, said, “The two sides will strive for the development of bilateral relations to find a new impetus in the field of economic and socio-political signed a new agreement at the same time visit Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region for the development of situation there is absolutely essential. ”
Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s former economic adviser Li Deng camp on the 19th, said Truong Tan Sang will focus on discussions with Xi Jinping to increase the number of Chinese tourists to Vietnam to seek more Chinese investment and increase exports to Vietnam and other issues. According to IMF data, Vietnam’s economic growth rate in 2012 fell to its lowest in 13 years, in order to achieve the 2013 GDP growth reached 5.5% target, Truong Tan Sang’s trip was intended to seek China to increase investment in Vietnam to revitalize the economy of Vietnam . Vietnam News said, since 2004, China has become Vietnam’s largest trading partner; 2012, Vietnam bilateral trade amounted to $ 41.2 billion.
Western media said, in view of Vietnam, Truong Tan Sang face the Chinese domestic requirements of the pressure to seek economic cooperation with China at the same time, he had discussions with China’s sovereignty dispute between the two countries face problems such as political trust. Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has warned that a miscarriage of justice or for the territorial dispute would threaten trade between Vietnam and China. “Voice of Russia”, said the other countries in the region not involved in the conflict may also exacerbated tensions.
In the South China Sea issue, Xi 19 stressed that the more we should persist in advancing bilateral negotiations and friendly consultations, not to take anything that might make the controversial complicate or escalate unilateral action to prevent the South China Sea issue international. Truong Tan Sang said that Vietnam would like to earnestly implement the consensus reached by the two countries. Li Deng camp believes that the current economic situation in Vietnam difficulties in Vietnam, Truong Tan Sang to seek the economic needs of the South China Sea dispute over sovereignty to make a balance with China will launch a “difficult conversation.”
Australian Defence Force Academy professor Katai Le said that Vietnam does not Yin Nanhai armed conflict with China, Vietnam and this attitude will be very cautious. “Vietnam Youth Daily” reported that the Vietnamese Deputy Defense Minister Ruan Zhiyong early June visit to China, said the Vietnamese do not want to go to war on any issue, but also unwilling to enmity with China, said it needed to be resolved through dialogue that exists between Vietnam territorial disputes. Analysts said that although the two countries have differences, but the high-level exchanges have been carried out normally. Fudan University, Professor Shen Dingli that this trip Truong Tan Sang help ease the U.S. “return to Asia” brought to China’s concerns, so that a better control of the Sino-Vietnamese friction.