US Russian summit the White House implied or bathing

“Russia ushered own Mandela moment you?” When the British Broadcasting Corporation on the 19th raised this question, one criticized Russia’s “Cantata” is the Western media field response.
Western anti-Russian anger ignited latest paper is a judgment Ejiluofu municipal court on the 18th to misappropriation of public funds and sentenced to huge opposition people Shinawali within five years in prison. The latter is a return to the Kremlin after anti-Putin rally organizers general is regarded as Putin’s “number one opponents.” In the eyes of the opposition, this judgment is more like “Putin’s revenge.”
18 evening, Moscow and St. Petersburg were thousands of people in protests broke out. The United States and Europe have also conducted many countries criticized the White House bluntly accused the Russian government “to suppress dissent,” U.S. lawmakers is condemning Russia’s “return to the dark days.” Some analysts in Russia together with ordinary criminal cases against criticism expressed attracted so incomprehensible.
Vent their anger on the occasion, the U.S. media also claimed that many other contradictions by Snowden events affecting Obama may cancel scheduled in September this year in Moscow with Putin summit. If that is true, a more powerful “bomb” exploding in US-Russian relations.
For the United States came to say, the Russian presidential spokesman Peskov said 19, the Kremlin did not receive the cancellation Obama held in Moscow in Russia and the United States attended the summit news. Russia’s “Morning News” on the 19th, said the Russian political Technology Center Director Bunin said that the United States is entirely a diplomatic blackmail threat.