US influence highlights

In the past two months, and continue to simmer Snowdon event turning several times, leading to fierce global politics and public opinion shock. U.S. “Foreign Policy” magazine article said that on August 5, Snowdon leak triggered by the “butterfly effect” has begun to appear. The most obvious consequences include: the scope of intelligence gathering on a new round of controversy broke out, while China has a counterattack American “hacker” accusations justified. In addition, the “Foreign Policy” magazine put together five equally important but subtle consequences.
1. “WikiLeaks” comeback
Snowdon initial public identity and residence in Hong Kong, the “WikiLeaks” inaction • Organization founder Julian Assange (Julian Assange) suffered consecutive months of negative reports, almost the entire organization, “hanging by a thread.” At present, the “WikiLeaks” regroup, to portray itself as the truth revealed by the legal advisers and assistants.
As Snowden has maintained a low profile, “WikiLeaks” Snowdon and the outside world has become the only “voice.” Therefore, the global media now pay close attention to the words and deeds of Assange. Assange and “WikiLeaks” once again in the lead to global geopolitical consequences eye of the storm event.
2 Silicon Valley reputation.
Snowden of leaks that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and the cooperation between Silicon Valley was made public. By exposing the National Security Agency and Facebook, Google and other companies between related companies in Silicon Valley’s reputation therefore suffer huge losses.
Silicon Valley has always been called “hacker culture” proud, this figure is committed to changing the status quo innovative concept. Snowdon expose the fallacy of this concept, related companies due to cooperation with the National Security Agency and tasted consequences. “Foreign Policy”, said by Snowden events, other countries may be transferred back to the server in the U.S. national, to prevent it from spying on domestic residents.
3 Strange Congress, “unity”
For a long time, Republicans and Democrats to agree on the same issue is not common. However, in late July 2013, the two parties united almost led Congress to pass the amendment, the withdrawal of the National Security Agency massive intelligence collection activities financial assistance. Only 12 votes difference amendment was not adopted. 111 Democrats and 94 Republicans to support the amendment.
Snowdon event eventually spawned a bipartisan political interests of marriage. The U.S. National Security Agency’s critics, the vote marks after “9 • 11” era, power cuts intelligence agencies made the most progress in the effort. No Snowdon, this is impossible to achieve.
4 cool transatlantic trade negotiations
In the 2013 State of the Union, President Barack Obama announced and the EU on a free trade agreement negotiations. In Snowdon exposing the National Security Agency to spy on European countries and peoples, the negotiations thus faced with tremendous pressure. European countries do not seem willing to work with “dictatorship” of the U.S. business.
Members of the European Parliament from the Netherlands Colleen • Waterman (Corien Wortmann-Kool) 7 month that Europe is worried in “9 • 11” incident, the U.S. security and defense activities may be out of control, the two sides should negotiate to establish a code of conduct and take appropriate supervisory measures. French government now that trade negotiations should be postponed, only Snowdon event resolved only after restarting negotiations.
5. “American Empire” shows the lasting influence.
From Hawaii to Hong Kong and then to Moscow, Snowdon every step fled to escape U.S. authorities hunt, the United States in the event appeared to be quite embarrassed. However, even if the Obama administration can not arrest Snowdon, Snowdon has forced the U.S. government to go to war, the United States through a series of interactive proof remains the world’s most influential countries.
To ease tensions with the United States, the Chinese government has exited Snowdon event, prompting Snowden left for Moscow. Despite Putin’s government has given temporary shelter Snowdon year, but Putin is not very happy asylum Snowdon. As Ecuadorian Embassy in London and is Snowdon defend Assange asylum, the U.S. Congress canceled its most-favored trading nation status. In other words, even if the United States can not make Snowdon left Moscow, the United States is still the world enjoys lasting influence.