United States House Speaker said Snowden pace as traitors rare bipartisan agreement

Boehner said, adding that the American people’s privacy is absolutely guaranteed, every time he listened to a presentation of these plans, the room 10 people in 9 individual lawyers, their presence is to protect the American people’s privacy.
British “Guardian” and the United States, “Washington Post” recently reported that U.S. intelligence agencies through the “prism” plan large-scale collection and monitoring network and telephone user information, including e-mail, chats, videos, photos, data storage, file transfer , video conferencing, and login information.
After the scandal, many people condemned the Obama administration abuse of power, violation of citizen privacy. Inside the program by 10 at the hideout Snowdon Hong Kong disclosed his identity, he expressed no regrets leaks, because his conscience can not the U.S. government invasion of privacy. Snowdon is listed as one of American history, three Unmasked, he will face the U.S. government’s criminal investigation.
For this incident, a rare bipartisan lockstep with the White House, Congressional Republicans have recently been attacks on U.S. Consulate in Benghazi as well as review of the IRS Special events such conservative groups on the Obama administration pursued vigorously, but in this matter was to support Obama. Republican House Homeland Security Committee chairman Kim (Peter King) and the Democrat Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein (Dianne Feinstein) also accused Snowdon is a “traitor.”
Into the vortex of public opinion, Obama last week as “Prism” program defense, he said, the U.S. National Security Agency can not monitor telephone calls, but only gather information about the phone message. He added, “Prism” program collected only foreigners outside the United States mail.
Obama added: “I think we need to understand is that you can not be one hundred percent while maintaining privacy, maintain zero inconvenient circumstances, to obtain 100% safety as a society, we will have to make some choices.”
Over the past four years in many issues with the Obama administration “make life difficult” of the U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner, the 11th to join the United States government “Prism” Plan Revealed by Snowden (Edward Snowden) to condemn the ranks, accusing it as “treason person. ”
Bona 11 in an ABC interview, he said one had to say: “He (Snowdon) is a traitor.” Boehner said President Obama last week has been stated, these are to protect the American people safe against terrorist threats important national security plan, disclosure of such confidential information will set the U.S. in jeopardy, which the hostile forces exposed the United States the ability to lie, is a serious offense.
Boehner said he agreed with Obama said, these plans effectively, in full compliance with the Constitution, and has been fully approved by Parliament and restrictions. All of these programs have gained him informed in any way without the Americans would be tapped unless they contact terrorists somewhere in the world.