The end of Ramadan in Egypt protesters gather more

9 is the second day of Eid al-Fitr, the Egyptian capital Cairo, looks a calm, like the Egyptians stay up late evening morning still immersed in dreamland. However, his brother will be led “to support the legitimacy National Union” was held on the 9th once again called on supporters nationwide demonstrations, they put on the 9th as the “Eid Victory Day” parade theme is “the people demanding the overthrow of the coup,” route covers Cairo’s main street.
“Global Times” reporter on the 9th supporters gathered early in the morning came to the Ada Via Mursi Mosque plaza. Prime Minister of the transitional government from Egypt here Beibolawei the 7th declared that “clearance may occur at any time”, the obvious strengthened security. Protesters into the square on the road in the number of road built brick wall, brick wall came after, as well as 500 meters quarantine area, there are no demonstrators gathered, only the protesters with sticks organizers patrol back and forth. After the area is the demonstrators gathered at the entrance with sandbags piled up a wall, put a lot of road on both sides scattered sandbags.
Many demonstrators were carrying old Ada Olivia came with a small mosque plaza. Because there are still more than before, the side of the road protest organizers added a row of tents, where people sing, dance and picnic. Hanging over the square to celebrate Eid banners, many tent also highlight the festive atmosphere covered with balloons and confetti. “Ministry of the Interior is the mob, Cecilia is a traitor,” “We demand Mursi return, not the victory is martyrdom” and other slogans heard in the square.
Plaza on the 8th also ushered Mursi lady, she to the presence of thousands of Mingmuerxi supporters said: “protesters will eventually win, Mursi will be back, Egypt belongs to Islam.” Demonstrators against her soon issue cheers. This is since July 3, Mursi Lady first appeared in public before, it was reported that she was detained together with her husband.
Support the transitional government set up the stage people are Tahrir Square to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. Enclosed by barbed wire around the square, the number of armored vehicles in the square around increased vigilance to prevent Mursi’s supporters clashed into the plaza. Into Tahrir Square, where the mosque with Ada Olivia Plaza styles, Cecilia is a hero to people, hanging around his portrait. Ming Jiaogu demonstrators Wade said: “Mursi’s supporters also looking forward to his back, which is impossible, Mursi is over, we need a president can solve the problem in Egypt.”
Egyptian opposition factions were celebrating Eid al-Fitr, which adds people to the military Wu Liqing field concerns. Egyptian “Al-Ahram” Web site analysis, Eid holiday on the 10th end, the military can not be happy and peaceful holiday in the action on the 11th start of the new one week is critical. But some analysts pointed out that the holidays are the most supporters Mursi lightly, they guard to take action to reduce casualties.
Continued tension in Egypt and outside Egypt raised concerns. Egyptian political analyst Hussein, the “Global Times” reporter, said the transitional government to be performed so that the clearance face enormous difficulties, two demonstration areas have gathered thousands of demonstrators, the demonstrators mixed in residential areas, the Ministry of the Interior must be sent a large number of personnel are likely to complete the task, this process occurs casualties or accidental injury unbearable. In addition, the clearance is valid for the solution to the crisis is also questionable, the majority of the demonstrators is his brother will come from other provinces of the underlying population, once the army cleared, a leading member of his brother will be able to quickly get out, but it is these people leaving. Even though these two locations demonstrations ended, his brother will also be launched in other locations demonstrations root causes of conflict will not be resolved cleared, it will be further intensified.
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on the 9th warned: “We are deeply concerned about what happened in Egypt, Egypt would not wish a civil war.” EU envoy Raymond was the last one to leave Egypt’s foreign envoy, when he was 8, left Cairo said: “The current situation in Egypt is very difficult, but there is still hope of success.”