Temple-dimensional ones first artificial floor sleeping astronaut exposure details

Shenzhou on the 10th, I ask how do you feel? “” Feel good, finished! “With this dialogue between heaven and earth, God ten astronauts opened a” palace “life. Yesterday, astronauts in orbit on the Temple maintained in conditions of weightlessness to better keep the body stable, astronauts became a “mechanic” will be replaced by the Temple of the soft floor hard floor.
□ Initial Maintenance
Floor first demolition rearm from soft to hard
After entering Temple One, astronauts may be busy open. Yesterday morning, they start a “maintenance man.” One temple ground staff check to make sure the cabin environment, the Beijing Aerospace Control Center to carry astronauts gave the interior finish material replacement test instructions.
Astronaut Nie Haisheng, Zhang Xiaoguang, Wang Yaping dressed in blue overalls, complement each other in accordance with the work plan, in close collaboration dismantled Temple One original laying soft ground material, put on a hard floor and a new limit device.
Originally Temple One, only pedal “bicycle” exercise a hard floor, God nine astronauts back to the ground after reflection, walking on hard floors feel more comfortable and easier to control posture. So God ten astronauts on more a “for the floor” of the task, which is the Temple One of the first “artificial maintenance.”
Experts, replacing hard floors, more conducive to the astronauts in weightlessness conditions to keep the body stable, the astronauts will be living and working in space to create a more convenient and comfortable conditions, but also for the future space station astronauts in orbit servicing spacecraft accumulation Experience. According to statistics of foreign long-term flight, because there is no gravity in heaven, the same type of operation to complete, elapsed time is longer than the earth.
The next step will replace the seals repair
China Manned Space Engineering spokesman Wu Ping in the conference, and God in orbit during the ten tasks, in addition to the temple on the 1st floor to be replaced, the astronauts will also replace the seals. These experiments are for the construction of the space station reserves technology foundation.
Manned spacecraft need to completely seal to isolate outer space, in order to protect the lives and safety of astronauts.
Seal is to protect the long-term air environment inside a spacecraft astronaut safety of life and protection of God.
Spacecraft due porthole hatches, engine vents, cables, etc. have to wear a cabin covered with holes, light spacecraft have short to 8 mm in diameter, grow up to 8 meters and more hundreds of various seals. It is understood that, “Temple” seal up to 20 kinds of specifications, the large ring more than 1 meter, the smallest a dozen millimeters.
Because long-term space flight, seals in a high vacuum, zero minus 70 ℃ to 200 ℃ environment on long-term use, the strong ultraviolet radiation, charged particle radiation and atomic oxygen and other special circumstances, may produce degradation, aging, and turtles crack, in order to maintain highly reliable sealing performance, it is necessary to replace it.
□ palace overnight
Miyazato good air quality
Despite last year after the return of God nine, Temple closed in the absence of state flying for nearly a year, but the examination showed that the palace of the air quality is still good, a variety of platforms normal working conditions, humidity, temperature manned meet environmental requirements.
The night before ten o’clock God ten astronauts conclude its work began to rest, spend in the “palace” of the first night. Like God nine, three astronauts stayed Temple One can not sleep, you need to have a spaceship astronaut to go “night shift” to avoid problems can be promptly treated.
The difference is that God ten missions, astronauts can sleep and night shifts side. Why? The original ground technicians stepped up surveillance to monitor Temple One, if necessary, can wake up the astronauts on duty, so that they have more time to rest in order to maintain higher efficiency.
In accordance with the schedule GMT
Temple Assemblies of God ten and positive speed of 7.8 kilometers per second, the ground at a distance of over 300 km orbit, about every 90 minutes to circle around the earth, which means that every over 45 minutes, once a day and there is conversion of the night, when we spent a night on the ground, the astronauts have been seen 16 times in the sky sunrise and sunset.
Nie Haisheng, Wang Yaping Zhang Xiaoguang and body weight in combination, according to Beijing time schedule, rather than “sunrise and sunset” day, about eight hours sleep, eight hours work.
Because this is the first time China’s manned space flight applied, so the astronauts will do a lot of fresh experiment devices are hanging in the bulkhead, each bag wrapped in a special experimental apparatus, these experiments work They account for most of the time of day.
“Bedroom” with a curtained
To allow astronauts to better rest, “bedroom” was placed in front of the temple, separated by curtains with the outside, forming a relatively intimate space, sleeping bag is fixed in low light, less noise bulkhead.
Do not see the inside of a sleeping bag while bristling wonder astronauts in space can be “easier” to sleep, because the micro-gravity environment, it does not matter standing or lying down to sleep. But if the astronauts got into the sleeping bag and sleep, wake up to a possible drifted elsewhere.
So before going to sleep, they have to fix the first sleeping bags, sleeping bags for the head and feet fixed on the sleeping area, either by stand straight bulkhead, you can also rely on the ceiling. God nine astronauts, like God ten astronauts also have their own sleeping bags and sleeping with, such as goggles, Earplugs.
This “bedroom” There are some small furniture, such as storing small items so that astronauts hang the bag, can put books with black folding table in front of the computer, there is a separate lamp, where astronauts can look at the book, listen to listen to music.
Good or bad sleep watch
Because every day there are 16 times the sun goes down Dongsheng, the astronauts in space for a long time, “biological clock” will be disrupted easily in flight insomnia. Sleep, they wore a watch, the main test astronauts sleep, awake biological cycle, sleep is not fragrant, the final say on the piece of the table.
This special environment in space, most astronauts sleep is intermittent, usually 1-2 hours awake again. In order to allow the astronauts rest better, the God ten astronauts will “burden” to reduce the physiological examination, number and frequency of testing.
Sometimes, the astronauts will be a long time produce a special feeling and could not sleep. God nine astronauts Liu Wang revealed that in the temple to spend the last night, he was lying in his sleeping bag, his eyes have been watching sleeping bag next to the porthole, thinking from this perspective the blue planet is probably the last chance .