Syrian opposition infighting senior commander shot dead

Syrian opposition “National Union” 12, said that the main armed opposition “Free Syrian Army” senior commander Kamal Hamami day before shot dead in the northwestern Latakia province, murderers belong to opposition from the camp, and the “base” organization associated with “Iraq and Levant Argenteuil Islamic country.” This behavior is tantamount to “a declaration of war.”
Zhengde Pan
Hammami of Ming Abu Bashir Lad Carney, “free army” leadership “Supreme Military Council” 30 members. “National Union” spokesman Kurt Carr said Sarah, “free army” confirmed Hamami evening of 11 died in the northern province of Latakia, “Islamic State” of the hand.
Headquartered in London, the British capital, “the Syrian Human Rights Watch,” said, “Islamic State” armed men tried to dismantle the “free army” Blackman in Tyre region Ike Ladd Hill a strategic checkpoints. “Free Army” members “fired into the air,” an “Islamic State” militants killed Hamami, injured his two hands.
In accordance with Hamami ally Abu Ahmed said, Hammami went to inspect the front, on the way in the tall checkpoint was “Islamic State” to intercept, asked each other, but it was “cold-blooded” shot.
An unnamed “free army” senior commander told Reuters reporters, “Islamic State” previous warning, “free army” Blackman in Teal “no place.” Other opposition officials said Hamami men with “Islamic State” because of the tall battle for control of checkpoints conflict.
“Supreme Military Council” political coordinator Luwa Yi · Shoemaker Dade said, “Islamic State” in Latakia’s “chief” Abu Ayman Baghdadi personally killed Hammami and his brother.
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Meck Dade said, “Islamic State” armed back a “free army” who sent a message, saying that the organization of the “freedom army” as “heresy”, “Supreme Council” now is the “base” targeted.
Meck Dade urged “the Islamic State of” immediate return of the remains of brothers Hammami, bring the perpetrators to the opposition proceedings. “If these people is to defend the Syrian revolution, rather than helping the regime, they should hand over the murderer.”
An unnamed “free army” senior commander said: “We will not let them escape, because they want to deal with us, and we put them trounced.”
Belong to the opposition camp, “the Syrian Human Rights Watch,” said, “Islamic State” and “freedom army” in Syria over the past few weeks and more fights. 5th of this month, the two sides fierce clashes in the northwestern Idlib province, dozens of “free army” militants were killed, a “battalion commander” was beheaded.
In addition, the “Islamic State” on the 11th release of a “free army” commander, who together with nine armed men in custody 25 days previously. Agence France-Presse reported that the “Islamic State” believed in the northeast provincial capital La La, that the whole territory of Syria, the only capital city fall into the hands of the opposition detained dozens of people.
“Islamic State” from the “base” branch in Iraq “Islamic State of Iraq,” the formation and control, the full name of the “Levant” means the East, is the eastern Mediterranean region from southern Turkey to Egypt’s ancient.
More power struggle
Hammami’s death highlights the Syrian opposition inside and extremist secular power struggle has intensified.
Syrian civil war broke out early opposition eager to seek foreign aid, welcome to join armed religious extremism. Those Sunni “jihadists”, mostly from abroad, including Arab countries, Russia and the North Caucasus region and the Western European countries, fight your life, fighting strong, tough attack barracks served as the main force, and gains far more than “free army” and other relatively secular armed opposition.
Over time, the extremist armed opposition began to set up administrative bodies controlled areas, the implementation of religious law, to fill the power vacuum. In early June this year, the “Islamic State” officers in the northern city of Aleppo executed a juvenile, claiming that he committed “blasphemy.” Competition for sites, these armed personnel from time to time with the “free army” friction and even fights.
Another major active extremist militants in Syria is “Victory Front”, also from Iraq, the oath of allegiance to the “base”, but is relatively independent. “Islamic State of Iraq” was announced in April this year with “Victory Front” joint formation of the “Islamic Iraq and Levant Argenteuil country”, but the latter refused later. “Base” great leader Ayman al-Zawahiri sent a message earlier this month, hope “Islamic State of Iraq” and “Victory Front” End bickering, good terms.
Agence France-Presse reported that the opposition-controlled areas, especially in the north, with the “Islamic State” more and more abuse of power, against President Bashar al-Assad’s people continue to turn their attention to oppose “Islamic State” activities .
Middle East expert Aaron Lund believes that “freedom army” and “Islamic State” Recent relations exacerbate tensions, because of the opposition of the secular want to display on the “base” of the hard-line attitude, “that it was their golden master expect if they want the United States to give them money, they must get rid of ‘base’. “