Success depends mainly on China Asian Century

Japan, “Foreign scholars’ magazine July 4 article, the original title: China is the Asian century is often said that this century is Asia’s century. Indeed, there are many reasons that people can think so. According to International Monetary Fund released a report in 2010, by 2030, Asia will contribute more than 40% of global GDP.
But in fact, not so much the Asian century, as it is China’s century. This is not because of the rise of Asia good ideas if implemented, China will be the only major economic power, but because of this vision can come true fundamentally depends largely on China. China through at least two key ways to promote or hinder the realization of the Asian century.
The first way is to reject liberal regional order and replaced by Chinese order. This demand is not unreasonable. After all, the rise of the United States does not accept the European-led, was the dominant colonial order, both in the Western Hemisphere and around the world do not accept. However, the ultimate success of both China and try reshape regional order will seriously hamper the rise of Asia. The reason is that this action will be subject to other areas and regions outside forces strongly resisted. This boycott will bring tensions, undermine economic growth in many ways. Such countries will be more money into the military development of inter-regional trade will be reduced, such investments are scared.
The success of China’s economic rebalancing is to determine whether or not the Asian century to achieve another important factor. If rebalancing fails, China suffered a hard landing or into lost 10 years, 20 years, most Asian countries will subsequently reduced.
If the Chinese economic collapse, the developed countries, especially the least affected in North America. Although North America will certainly be affected, the global city. However, due to its huge domestic market, and investors will be uncertain in the global economy into the influx of the fact that the United States, but in North America after the collapse of the Chinese economy will recover best.
Of course, if China chose not to challenge the regional order, if successful rebalancing, Asia will be the biggest beneficiaries. A more consumer-driven Chinese side will boost economic development of many countries in Asia, including the trade deficit with China hit countries, such as India.
From this perspective, the success of the Asian century will depend primarily on China.