South Korea is intended to contain antiJapanese

Japan’s “Sankei Shimbun” reported on August 5, for in Korea was criticized as “a symbol of militarism,” “war criminals flag” Japanese “Rising Sun flag”, the Japanese government on the 5th that the relevant information is summarized to illustrate the “Use (Rising Sun flag) is not a problem. ” Reported that, “Rising Sun flag” and the Japanese flag “Hinomaru” as a symbol of Japan, has been widely accepted by the international community, and as a banner of the SDF is still in use, the Japanese government at home and abroad to re-explain “Rising Sun flag” meaning, it is possible to contain the Korean domestic “anti-Japanese” trend.
“Sankei Shimbun” commented that South Korea’s anti-Japanese nationalist activity has been showing a “normal” trend. In this context, the Japanese side must strengthen measures to prevent the “Rising Sun flag” reputation compromised.
According to reports, in July 28 for East Asian Cup Korea vs Japan match, the ROK fans in the stands played “forget the history of nation has no future” banner. JFA followed by South Korea in violation of FIFA (FIFA) “prohibits any political football to be tainted with the color” as an excuse to protest against the AFC.
On the other hand, the Korean Football Association, said the move was to protest against the ROK fans Japanese fans had played “Rising Sun flag”, and pointed out that “the sun off the South Korean flag is a symbol of the public history of pain.”
Japanese right wing media, “Sankei Shimbun,” said the expression “rising sun” meaning “Rising Sun flag” and the Japanese flag “Hinomaru”, are a symbol of Japan. “There are even many foreigners think this banner is cool, because of its moral good, then there is a lot of flags are used its design, such as” Asahi Shimbun “newspaper’s flag, etc., the old flag of the Japanese Navy warships, the Army flag company are also a rising sun flag. ” The report also said that since the Meiji era, the military has been using modern Japanese Rising Sun flag, “if only because it would be too on the exclusion of Rising Sun flag does not make sense of.”
“Sankei Shimbun” reported also stressed that South Korea’s anti-Japanese nationalist because it can not find reason to deny the Japanese flag, so they had to for the “Rising Sun flag” attack. Some people even in Korea “Rising Sun flag” as the same have the same meanings Nazi flag banner, this idea is too rude.