Sino-Vietnamese official cars and trucks to achieve interoperability through Guangxi Port Direct

June 9, the number of official cars, trucks slowly passing in Guangxi Pingxiang Friendship Gate of the Sino-Vietnamese border zero kilometers, reaching Vietnam. Day China to Vietnam (Friendship Gate / Friendship port) official vehicles and freight vehicles direct opening ceremony, which marks the official car and truck Vietnam via Guangxi Port achieve interoperability direct.
According to reports, China and Vietnam between August last year to achieve direct passenger transport, the official cars and trucks to achieve direct, Guangxi will promote the development of international road freight market. Currently, Guangxi has a total of 20 international road transport companies qualifications in Vietnam road between direct transport. The direct implementation of Vietnamese goods total of four provinces, including the province of Lang Son, Quang Ninh province, Hanoi and Haiphong.
The same day, China and Vietnam also achieved between the official vehicles through. Both China and Vietnam in the future above the county level party and government organs, organizations need to take care of business each other’s territory, are available through the relevant formalities, the direct driving official vehicles running into each other territory. Next, Guangxi timely transport sector will also promote bilateral private car to achieve interoperability.
June 9, reporters and Guangxi over the last one hundred investment staff is the official car ride or were transported Germany Guangxi Mountain Group and Vietnam’s German Motor Transport Company bus from Nanning arrived in Vietnam in Hanoi. At present, Vietnam has opened two major transportation company in Guangxi Nanning to Hanoi, Halong Bay, Haiphong and several other international transport routes, promoting the interconnection between China and Vietnam economic and trade exchanges between the two sides to promote the rapid development of cross-border tourism.
Over the past year, Guangxi constantly improve customs clearance facilities, coordinate the resolution of official vehicles and passenger transport vehicles CDB direct presence and passengers travel documents, vehicle security, entry vehicle suspension temporary license plates and other issues, has achieved some success. This time, Lang Son Province, Guangxi and Vietnam together with the ceremony as an opportunity to give full play to the advantages of border crossings, further strengthening intergovernmental, interdepartmental communication and cooperation, improve relevant systems and customs clearance facilities, and constantly promote clearance facilitation to ensure that official vehicles , direct passenger vehicles normalization, build links between China and Vietnam a major highway in the most convenient, economic and social exchanges between the two sides to build up a bridge.