Russia to prove that the Syrian opposition to use poison gas

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin said on July 9, the Russian experts confirmed that the Syrian opposition on March 19 in the northern region of Aleppo government forces exchanged fire with the use of sarin gas. The Associated Press on the 10th that Russia concluded with the United States before saying different, the United States believes the Syrian government forces used chemical weapons. The White House also said that Russia does not accept the conclusion. In the end who is using sarin gas? This will affect the situation in Syria could become a turning point.
9, Churkin to the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to submit an up to 80-page report detailing the use of chemical weapons on Syrian opposition demonstration. Churkin said Russia who have been invited to the Syrian government, and dispatch of experts went to the incident site survey sampling. He stressed: “Russian experts are used in the analysis sample collected in the field in person, not by a third party, the analysis of the sample through the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is an organization certified laboratory.”
Through experimental testing, the experts found in the samples of the deadly sarin gas. Experts believe that these sarin gas not meet technical standards for industrial products, but rather in a sort of “hand-workshop” where temporary manufacturing, carrying these toxic gases unguided “Bashir -3” rockets are not military standard chemical weapons. Churkin also said, according to Russian intelligence to grasp, these “Bashir -3” rocket is attached to the “Free Syrian Army” force production. Experts believe that these rockets are likely recent production and quickly put into use, because the sample preparation is not toxic chemical stabilizers, and a stabilizer to protect the long-term storage of chemical weapons. Churkin said that the experimental results obtained international recognition of the OPCW.
Qatar, “al-Jazeera” TV website on the 10th that Russia submitted to the UN report is likely to cause the international community once again, “Whoever utilized chemical weapons” topic of heated debate. Previously, a number of countries led by the U.S. are considered to be the first to use chemical weapons Syrian army. United States, “Wall Street Journal” on the 9th that the United States China announced last month, armed forces loyal to Bashar’s use of chemical weapons. The U.S. side also said that Syria government forces in April to May period, as well as in the country near Aleppo Adela and many other places have used chemical weapons. This idea was Russia’s denial.
U.S. 9 statement before the argument to maintain, and Russia held a negative opinion of the report. White House spokesman Carney said: “For ‘In addition to the Syrian government, as well as the use of chemical weapons or other party has already used chemical weapons’ assertion, we have not found any evidence to support it.” Allegedly, after the Syrian government had refuse United Nations to send investigation team into the country to investigate the problem of chemical weapons. Carney said in a statement: “The best way to answer this question is to allow the United Nations involved in the investigation.” To erase the “dirty water”, Permanent Representative of Syria Jaafari announced that the Syrian chemical weapons invite the United Nations investigation team leader plug Wales Troon, etc. to Damascus to discuss the issue of chemical weapons in Syria.
Russia’s “view report” on the 10th that the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives Intelligence Committee on the 9th stop Obama on U.S. military assistance to the Syrian opposition to the resolution, which called for the matter of funding for the strictly limited. A poll showed that 66 percent of Americans oppose Obama’s opposition to Syria with weapons programs.
Analysts believe that the United States would prevent the resolution of the Syrian opposition is a major blow. And Russia’s thesis will also allow American aid program in Syria dramatic change. United States and other Western countries have lost support of the Syrian opposition at a disadvantage, they are unable to overthrow the current regime in Syria, the Syrian war may last a very long time. In addition, the Egyptian government fell on Syria Mursi is undoubtedly a “good news”, Mursi was a flashback camp “pioneer”, which will greatly ease the pressure on the Syrian government is facing the outside. Currently, the Syrian army has been restored stability in the region surrounding the city of Homs. If the government forces to win the opposition stronghold city of Homs, opposition forces will face “paralysis” situation, the situation in Syria, which could become a turning point.