Russia mistrusts the West further

Lavrov said Russia was ready to provide soldiers for the security of UN chemical weapons inspectors in Syria. No large contingent was necessary, military observers should be sufficient.


The passing of the Syrian information about the chemical weapons program is an important element towards the destruction of the weapons. At the weekend, the Organization had received a “first statement” Syria for banning of chemical weapons (OPCW). The filings would be tested now by the technical secretariat of the OPCW.


It is assumed that Syria has around 1000 tonnes of toxic substances for chemical weapons. Assad agreed to the Russian American proposal for the destruction of the weapons, to avert a U.S. military strike. The United States had threatened such an attack after a poison gas attack with hundreds dead in the vicinity of Damascus last month.
Russia has accused the West to exploit the Russian American agreement on the Syrian chemical weapons destruction.


Foreign Minister Sergej Lawrow said, the West does not have the chance to protect the planet from significant quantities of chemical weapons in Syria in the chemical weapons Convention.


Rather he would abuse it to, to push a resolution at the United Nations, in which Syria’s President Baschar will threatened Assad al with a military strike. Russia and China would not allow this.


The United States, France and Britain seek a UN resolution, in which Assad will be threatened with a military intervention, should it fail to meet its obligations. Russia and China have prevented three times so far resolutions, which called for a sharper approach against Assad.