Rohani is a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the 14th to accept the U.S. CBS interview that the international community should not believe Iran’s new president Rohani, because Iran has been stepping up development of nuclear weapons, so the only way to convergence Iran, “Sanctions have invalid determination to have a military strike. ”
Rohani in early August this year, will take over as president of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. AP 15, said Rohani criticized Ahmadinejad’s performance for the first time that day, that he misused state resources. American Public Radio on the 15th quoted Rohani as saying, after he took office may relax restrictions on private Internet use, allowing Iran to better integrate with the world.
But Netanyahu to accept the U.S. CBS interview, said, “Ahmadinejad is the wolf, with centrist politician’s reputation Rohani is actually ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, developed nuclear side with a smile, he boasted completed during the Geneva negotiations of an increase Isfahan uranium enrichment program and I think Iran should not be allowed to succeed. “Netanyahu said he was in favor of strengthening sanctions against Iran, if sanctions are ineffective military strike would have the determination, this way, the only way to convergence Iran, Rohani gentle speech “is just camouflage.”
Agence France-Presse on the 15th analysis, Netanyahu seems that Iran is now no “cross-border”, but it from the “red line” is getting closer. Analysis, this means that the Israeli side will advance to take unilateral action. But the “Wall Street Journal” analysis, Rohani is moderately conservative, election success, Rohani in both publicly and privately released cooperation with the international community’s attitude to resolve the nuclear issue, indicating he may have on the nuclear issue to follow a different route.
The Obama administration is seeking to hold direct talks with Iran. Israeli “Haaretz”, said U.S. officials told Israel that the United States did not relax pressure on Iran, will see Rohani specific actions before making a decision.