Philippines open for 151 countries visa free

According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” reports, in order to attract more foreign visitors to the Philippines tourism or investment, the Philippine government announced that from August, more than 150 countries and regions worldwide tourists can enjoy into the Philippines 30 days visa-free access, but the list does not include the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.
Philippine Foreign Ministry spokesman Renam Hernandez said at a press conference today, “From August 1, 2013 starting from 151 countries and regions in the Philippines is eligible residents stay for 30 days visa-free privileges, compared with 21 previously permitted day visa-free loose. ”
Renam Hernandez said the new initiative is to facilitate people to Philippine tourism or foreign investment, but they must have a passport valid period of at least six months from the first day of the date of entry.
30 days visa-free list of countries, in addition to Europe, America and other advanced countries include India, Barbados, Kenya and Somalia and other emerging or developing countries. In addition, Brazil and Israel and the Philippines due to another signed bilateral agreements tourist visa for 59 days stay in the Philippines.
Philippines Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice Immigration early last year formed a working group deliberations to relax visa list, once Chinese mainland and Taiwan as new preferential object; but asked not to reveal the identity of the officials said, the Philippines and more times to the Philippines engaged cracked Taiwanese telecommunications fraud, influence on the final decision.
As for China, officials said, many mainland Chinese to the Philippines after the illegal residence, disappeared, so it did not give Chinese mainland immigration visa-free treatment.
Philippine tourism industry currently lags behind most of its Southeast Asian neighbors, the Ministry of Tourism is taking various proactive measures, hope to attract 5.5 million visitors this year, international tourists, and in 2016 exceeded 10 million passengers.