Philippine President Xi Jinping sent a letter pleading for women drug traffickers to China

The Associated Press June 27, said Philippine President Benigno Aquino III sent a letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping, Chinese Exclusion Request a Filipino woman’s death two years ago, the woman for smuggling six kilograms of heroin was arrested by Chinese police.
Hernandez Philippine Foreign Ministry spokesman, said Aquino III “pleading letter” was transferred to the Chinese diplomats Thursday, but the 35-year-old female drug traffickers may still be in the week between July 2 四至 been executed.
Hernandez told reporters that the woman was in January 2011 at the Hangzhou Airport was arrested along with arrested along with a Filipino man. As tourists to enter China’s female drug trafficker, was accused of hiding heroin in the luggage. Hernandez cited Chinese official as saying that the woman had since 2008, 18 drug smuggling to the Chinese territory, each return is 3000-4000 U.S. dollars. She has claimed his innocence, but the evidence is conclusive.
Some analysts believe that the recent Yin Nanhai Sino-Philippine relations tense dispute, the female drug traffickers executed will make the already tense relations between the two countries has become worse. But Hernandez said the Philippines respects Chinese law and the Supreme Court’s decision. He said: “The Philippine government has also formulated strict anti-drug policy, and has been working with China and other countries, law enforcement authorities in close cooperation in combating drug trafficking.”
“Philippine Inquirer newspaper” on the 27th, said the reason for the country’s female president of the Philippines pleading drug traffickers, because the Philippines is not the death penalty. March 2011, the Philippine government and the Catholic Church despite repeated plea to China, but the Chinese government still executed three Filipino drug traffickers. At that time, it has aroused controversy in the Philippines.
According to AFP, the Philippine National 1/10 of the population working abroad, many of whom work hard conditions, drug traffickers took advantage of them and let them help in drug trafficking. Hernandez said that a total of 213 Filipinos in China involved in drug smuggling.