Obama called on all sectors of the Police Association acquitted black teenager shot to remain calm

U.S. black teenager shot Trey Dion Martin George Zimmerman acquitted the defendant, the United States President Barack Obama issued a statement calling the community to remain calm and to take measures to curb gun violence.
Florida, a jury determination on the 13th night, Zimmerman’s not guilty of second degree murder. In this regard, Obama said in a statement on the 14th, the people of this ruling may trigger a strong emotional reaction to his appeal to the community to remain calm and respect the jury verdict and to seriously consider how to curb gun violence, and promote social reconciliation, to avoid similar tragedies happen again.
Zimmerman was acquitted after a strong response from all sectors of American society, many people think that the matter should not end there. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said in an interview on the 14th, Florida should reconsider Zimmerman acquitted under – “no concession law” reasonable. Under this law, people in the confrontation with others without having to choose retreat, in that life safety is threatened use of deadly force, in this case murder is considered self-defense. Many critics argue that the law contributed to the behavior of random shooting.
It was also the case on the Florida prosecutor handling objections. Some legal experts pointed out that in the case of insufficient evidence, prosecutors Zimmerman made up to life imprisonment for two murder charges too hasty, and hiding key evidence during the trial but also the suspicion eventually seized the jury can not trust sides to every story, even if the final stage of the trial judge allowed prosecutors plus manslaughter charges, did not allow Zimmerman was convicted.
Although acquitted, Zimmerman trouble perhaps not over. NAACP President Ben Jealous the 14th launched a signature in the online petition, asked the Justice Department commenced civil proceedings against Zimmerman. This petition within a few hours to get over 10 million people support. Jealous that day in a television interview, said he believes there are ethnic factors behind this case.
As a mixed race Caucasian and Hispanic Zimmerman shot Martin’s case occurred in the evening of February 26 last year. At that time, 17-year-old black teenager Martin in Sanford, Florida, after a walk to the grocery store shopping father girlfriend’s residence. The way, was 28-year-old Zimmerman Community Police Association called the police, reported seeing a “suspicious person.” Zimmerman followed Martin, the two ensuing scuffle, Zimmerman eventually shot and killed Martin. The case caused widespread concern in the United States, the verdict came out, California and other places on the 13th night that small protests.