News that the video was shot by Taiwanese fishing excision Philippines

Taiwanese fishing vessel “majority Xing on the 28th,” was shooting, Taiwan Philippines both parallel investigations gradually coming to an end, but on June 8 outgoing Philippine law enforcement officers shot and killed before being turned over to Taiwan fishermen videos excision news. Furthermore, according to Taiwan media reports, the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation statement said the first case of fishing vessels, such as determining the Philippines personnel guilty of killing the crew needs to tell his family to go to the Feiti into the case.

According to the rating agency reported in Hong Kong, the Philippines’ Manila Bulletin “on the 8th quoted sources as saying that the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Department of the inspection results show that the coast early in the investigation police submitted videotape some of the scenes are spliced ​​signs Up to two hours of video tape to be cut a small part. The other two watched videotapes sources confirmed this view, but sources declined to specify which part of the tape was edited. Reported that the Philippine Coast police spokesman declined to comment, saying the Coast Force has the Shanghai Stock Exchange has the file, without any concealment.

According to Taiwan’s “Liberty Times” reported on the 8th, deputy director of the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation said Wednesday Manders, Philippine Founder in assessing “the majority Hing case” all documents and evidence, if the conclusions point to the coast police officers involved in criminal responsibility deceased Hong Shicheng home to the Philippines need someone to sue, and going to testify. Philippine side stand sparked controversy. Hong Shicheng daughter Hongci dark-red, said the Philippines should no longer be led by the nose, the findings if the Philippine side to let her satisfaction, she will go to sue. She also said that if the report confirms that the Philippines should be held responsible not only to sue shot, even the Philippine government should be reporting. Taiwan’s “Ministry of Justice Parliamentary Secretary,” Chen Ming-tang said that the Philippine side-finding mission to Taiwan, the Hong family has personally sue, according to Philippine laws, no person to Feiti Criminal tell; As for the civil part of the Hung family nor do they need right away to the Philippines, additional documents coming to the Philippines as long as you can.
“Central News Agency” on the 8th that the 6th Taiwan’s third-finding mission to the Philippines, and the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation convened nearly six hours of closed-door meeting on the case than the evidence, not only to reach a consensus on the location where the crime, but also to clarify the parties difference in the number of firearms involved in the case. However, there are currently unable to preliminary findings, the Philippines said it was investigating reports Ganxie, the fastest next week. However, Taiwan’s Next TV claimed that the Taiwanese-finding mission to the Philippines mainly compared the findings, although no final conclusions, but the Philippine side is that the case was “non-intentional homicide”, and insisted that the incident was the Philippine territorial waters .

Some analysts believe that although Taiwan Philippines are around the “majority Hing case” were investigated, but the current situation, or a “talk past each other,” the impasse. Taiwan Currently this case is mainly carried out in the international propaganda war, the Taiwan authorities clearly intends to fight in the Philippines and confused confused war battle, so Taiwan, on the one hand that the lack of a positive response, does not terminate the sanctions, while continuing to expansion of international publicity. In addition, Taiwan has sought more in the Philippines and Taiwan compatriots to support the Philippine trip, hoping that they can play in the local political influence.