New Zealand Farmers Union President apologized to Chinese consumers

New Zealand Farmers Union of Wales on the 8th President Bruce told Xinhua News Agency reporter an exclusive interview that he knew Fonterra botulinum contamination to Chinese consumers anxiety and hurt, he represents those to Fonterra providing raw milk farmers apology.
Although New Zealand Farmers Union in the event of no fault in this, but under the jurisdiction of more than 10,000 farms in New Zealand Fonterra Farmers Union, as a major supplier of raw milk, and Fonterra has a close relationship. The botulinum contamination not only for Fonterra, New Zealand farmer alliance is a major event, so he offered on behalf of those to provide raw milk Fonterra farmers apology to Chinese consumers.
Wells also praised the Chinese government to the situation in the effective and timely disposal of taking a move in the right to protect the health of consumers in China.
He said botulinum contamination incident, the overseas consumers will naturally Fonterra and New Zealand food safety system questioned in New Zealand country, people are asked the same question. Wells said: “We should find out the reasons, security is no longer such a problem.”
Fonterra CEO Theo Spyridon Springs on the 8th that the New Zealand Department of Primary Industries has started checking this enterprise processing plants, including a previously recognized products contaminated plants. Fonterra Chairman John Wilson on the 8th for the first time appeared in public apology to consumers, and that an official within the Group will continue in-depth investigation.