New Sino-US relations among major powers easier said than done

Early June 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Barack Obama held a manor in California for the first time the two leaders summit, the two new power relations also became public expectations. However, Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao,” July 2 author pointed out that Sino-US new relations among major powers easier said than done.
The article points out that some Chinese scholars believe that “building a new era of Sino-US relations among major powers is the need, in line with the global trend.” Yes, the contemporary world really need the “new relations among major powers,” but good intentions are one thing, reality is another matter. The reality is, of relations between China and the U.S. to build a new road will be full of thorns, difficult.
The article quoted Snowdon event analysis said that in the United States accounted for the relative and absolute advantage, such as the Internet, although the United States also needs the cooperation of other countries, but the United States is the main dominant, while international cooperation is secondary. In the foreseeable future, although it may also have a more sharp Biscay Norden broke the news, people in the United States and allies such as the European Union’s monitoring program for the U.S. government unrest, but the United States will not reduce or waive these massive projects. As with the United States essentially defines the opponent and enemy of China and Russia, are unlikely to form a new type of Internet security relations among major powers.
The financial sector as the Internet field, which is a long term tradition of American hegemony. Goldman Sachs has announced a high profile Wall Street in the emerging markets of the feast is over, emerging markets, end times, “Gold” is no longer shining, but one by one into the deep-seated problems and crises. Istanbul, Turkey, since the government removed a park and a huge outbreak of clashes and political crisis, Brazil is because of weak economic growth, the middle class Broken Dreams, increased unemployment and the outbreak of the hundreds of thousands of protest. Turkey has not yet occurred in India and China and Brazil, the situation, however, two of the world’s most populous country, are difficult to successfully meet the challenges of economic restructuring.
The article said that aura is no longer in emerging markets, even in the face of financial crisis, the global flow of capital in case the United States, the U.S. strategic research community has been reduced over the past 10 years talking platitudes such as “the rise of China” and “India’s rise,” and “power shift “,” The Promise world “,” world disorder “and other topics, but saw the” unipolar world 2.0 “dawn. In this case, the United States will naturally be perfunctory China’s “new relations among major powers,” and even think such a reference bit outdated or no future.
Article that, despite the success of learning Olympics held in China-US relations in the new historical conditions started again, but that does not mean that China and the U.S. “The new power relations” has officially begun. Sino-US relations is not because of planning and desire, but because of past, present and future events and form. So, the next ten years from now, China-US relations as fraught with uncertainty as in the past, and even greater difficulties and risks.