Mu brother vows fight in the end

“If the previous Egypt is a terminally ill patient, so now the situation is like dying.” When “Today the United Arab Emirates newspaper” July 9 puts it, “the Egyptian patient”, the bigger crisis is brewing in this country. But his brother will not buy it, calling people “Uprising” crush the military coup. To quell anger, by the military-backed interim President Mansour released the evening of 8 Transitional Constitution clear statement within the next six months to hold parliamentary elections. Mu brother will also call on the international community to intervene in order to “avoid the emergence of new Syrian Arab world.”
“Egypt is a throwback to the Dark Ages, a throwback to Mubarak and his henchmen, the security forces, military and judicial corruption era …… a violent, death, torture, detention, and violations of human dignity times a day.” Spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood Haddad on the 9th through the “Washington Post” So criticized the Egyptian military’s “massacre.” Agence France-Presse said Haddad also said that each province Tuesday in Egypt organized funerals and demonstrations, held in each province unified meditation. Gathered in a mosque in Cairo, thousands of demonstrators, organizers called on people to steadfastly and demonstrations in the end.
Cause further escalation of the situation occurred a day after the Republican Guard headquarters in large-scale bloody events. The Associated Press reported that the unrest in Egypt last two and a half on Monday appeared most deadly violence, 50 多名穆尔西 supporters were killed by security forces. While they were sit-in protest outside the headquarters of the Republican Guard, here is last week’s Mursi initially detained after the overthrow of the place. His brother will condemn the army opened fire killing the military accused terrorist provocation. Further aggravated murder Morsi supporters and opponents of the opposition. Radio France Internationale that the conflict killed at least 54 people were killed and 435 people were injured. Those killed included 51 demonstrators, in addition to two police officers and a soldier. The bloody events in Egypt seems to have a very difficult situation already difficult to control up to the stage to launch his brother will appeal to the people, “Uprising”, and called on the international community to intervene so as not to make the same like Syria and Egypt into a civil war. Domestic violence in Egypt and the international community are triggered violent reaction and condemnation. Egyptian judiciary, 9, said authorities have arrested 650 suspects involved in this violence, who are on their trial.
The face of violent unrest, the Egyptian interim President Mansour 8th statement released late Transitional Constitution clearly gives the parliamentary and presidential elections timetable. According to the Egyptian official MENA news agency reported, the Constitutional Declaration stipulates that, in the next six months to hold parliamentary elections. First, the formation of a legal committee, since the formation of 30 days from the date of the constitutional right to amend Mursi period, followed by a 50 panel consisting of representatives from various sectors within 60 days of approval by the new draft constitution, followed within 30 days on hold a referendum on the new draft constitution. After the adoption of the new draft constitution, a referendum will be held within 15 days of parliamentary elections. Establishment of the parliamentary week after the presidential elections. Mansour ordered the 8th bloodshed independent judicial inquiry and called national reconciliation dialogue. He said that if the Muslim Brotherhood would prefer, you can participate in the dialogue.