Kyrgyzstan to force the withdrawal of U.S. troops in the Amazon Nas Air Force Base

Kyrgyz parliament on the 20th by 91 votes in favor, 5 votes against the adoption of a motion submitted by the Government, that is, from July 2014 onwards abolished the U.S. leased Manas Air Base. This means that the U.S. military would Kyrgyz completely from their own territory. “Off.” Some analysts believe that the U.S. military refused to renew the Kyrgyz behind, with Russia’s political pressure and economic temptations inseparable. American “Stars and Stripes” commented that this motion is not yet clear Chuji Guo deployment in Afghanistan, the U.S. military will have any effect.
Manas air base in Kyrgyzstan capital Bishkek suburbs. In autumn 2001, the United States started the war in Afghanistan by the machine leased Manas base, used to support the U.S. military action in Afghanistan. 2009, Jigme bilateral agreement, the base was renamed as “international transit centers” for the U.S. troops in Afghanistan and the International Security Assistance Force to provide support. Currently, the U.S. has 1,500 deployed in Manas U.S. soldiers and workers. United States each year for the country’s military presence in Kyrgyzstan to pay about $ 150 million, of which 60 million is rent.
The bill is expected to be submitted next week, Kyrgyz President Atta Mba Aliyev, will take effect after the President signed. Atta Mba Aliyev had repeatedly said that in 2014 after the expiration of the lease contract, should not be stationed in the U.S. Manas, the Kyrgyz government plans to rebuilding it as a purely civilian airport.
Kyrgyz media analysis, if the motion effect, Kyrgyzstan will lose huge revenue annually. Kyrgyz government has promised to fill the fiscal gap through other means, including the airport will become a hub connecting continents, China, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and other countries has shown interest in investing in this project. But members who oppose the motion Kyrgyzstan heat due Bekov that abolished the U.S. leased to Kyrgyz Manas bring not only financial losses, “the U.S. military left, Kyrgyzstan’s relations with the West will be many problems, who now there is no guarantee that the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan in Central Asia is able to remain stable. ”
Some analysts believe that the U.S. military refused to renew the guitar behind and from Russia’s political pressure and economic temptations inseparable. Russia, for its own strategic security concerns, has been prompted Kyrgyz Manas military base closed in order to eliminate this potential threat. Earlier media reports, Russia intends Kyrgyz provide about $ 1.1 billion aid for the improvement of Ji Guojun equipment. Russia is also playing the “economic card”, Guido pen by eliminating debt, in exchange for a package of energy cooperation between the two sides of the project. In addition, senior Russian officials have repeatedly said that the Russian government supports Seen Through the Manas airport will be built into an international logistics center of civil claims, Kyrgyzstan Manas airport also want Russia to participate in the transformation.
Manas base in the United States has an irreplaceable strategic significance, known as the United States inserted into Central Asia “wedge.” Not only is it important logistics hub and regional transit center, but also the influence of the United States to expand the region’s important support. In the Kyrgyz parliament voted on the previous day (the 19th), former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld arrived in the country’s capital Bishkek. U.S. Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, said Rumsfeld visited “purely private visit”, his main task is to review the operation of the Foundation in Kyrgyzstan. Russia’s “Kommersant” 21 analysis, said Rumsfeld arrived in the country aimed at persuading Kyrgyz abandon this decision. Interestingly, the United States in 2006 to renew the Manas base, it has benefited from Rumsfeld’s intervention. At his visit to the country after Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev when he will permit U.S. forces to remain in the Manas base.
Russia’s “Independent” 21 quoted analysts as saying that the Central Asian region is Russia’s backyard, so Russia has wanted to get rid of U.S. troops from the Kyrgyz. Manas base last year has triggered diplomatic dispute between Russia and the United States, the U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul Russian Higher School of Economics in discussion with the students, said that Russia a few years ago to “buy” Kat States requesting the territory of the Central Asian country Close U.S. military bases. McFaul acknowledged that the U.S. also tried to “buy” Kyrgyz, and “offer” inadequate Russia’s 1/10. This statement has aroused his strong dissatisfaction with the Russian Foreign Ministry, that contrary to diplomatic protocol.
Some Central Asian expert analysis, Kyrgyzstan countries are now eager to “drive away” the U.S. military and the complex situation in the Middle East about. Continued presence of U.S. troops caused serious Kyrgyz unrest. Kyrgyz President Atta Mba Aliyev stressed that Kyrgyzstan States to take this step was not under the influence of a Russian political game, but out of concern for the safety of residents. Atta Mba Aliyev that the United States to establish military bases in Bishkek civilian airport “to the airport and the capital of Kyrgyzstan pose great risks,” the future base may have been some of its neighbors, including Iran’s attacks.
Russia’s geopolitical issues Research Institute Ana Xin said that the U.S. military was Kyrgyz away, the United States will be looking for new neighbors Kyrgyz base, while Turkmenistan is likely to become America’s new partner. Kyrgyz prominent politicians 捷克什库洛夫 said: “The council’s decision to fully reflect Ji Guoli beneficial. This base can not guarantee regional security, and to protect the security of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan States only with the SCO and CIS Collective Security Treaty Organization to cooperate. “Russia’s” view report “on the 21st quoted the Russian Research Center, deputy director of the Political Analysis Abu Zhaluo Fu said:” The withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the Kyrgyz Fergana Basin safeguard security will become very difficult, therefore, it needs to strengthen cooperation with Russia, the allies in the military and other fields. Kyrgyz hope for the future by joining the customs union to obtain Russia’s support to ensure the country’s security, while helping to stabilize the situation. “