Korean media would like to see the success of economic restructuring

“China’s strong economic growth in the summer seems to have been in the past, the bleak winter coming.” South Korea, “Asian Daily” 22 points to the new Western public opinion prevailing view: the Chinese economy “anxiety” spewing out, the Chinese economy to see like red light encounter.
International media, predicted China will not do the most resounding voice to the American media. U.S. “Business Insider” Web site to find out more on the 15th, “17 reasons” to justify “Why experts convinced that China’s economic doom”: Chinese state-owned enterprise’s balance sheet than the “junk” U.S. corporate balance sheets even more ugly , China’s highest credit growth in the Asia Pacific region, employment growth stagnated, China has the world’s most expensive prices, food prices and so on.
South Korean media have reported that in the past few days, the British “Financial Times” chief financial reporter specializing in the UK to South Korea were summoned to a meeting with reporters, explaining why a hard landing for the Chinese economy may be.
But South Korean media are basically optimistic about China. South Korea, “Asian Daily” 22 said China’s GDP for five consecutive quarters hovering around 7%, in the history of the most difficult jobs such quarter enough worrying China’s economy has reached alarming limits, but they ignore the fact that the Communist Party as early as foresaw this situation will arise, more precisely, the current situation are already planned in the communist control range. “Korea Herald,” said the U.S. economic recovery, Japan’s economic recovery should be considered an additional bonus, this can not be defamatory emerging economies and the global economy.
“Please do not hard landing.” American “Chicago Tribune” published an editorial on the 21st appeal. The editorial said that many Americans suffer some kind of encouragement, faces fundamentally opposed to China’s temptation. After all, China is a competitor on the world stage. Last week, the Pew Center poll in 39 countries show that most people believe that China will surpass the U.S. as the dominant superpower. The editorial said, “but remember, if the Chinese economy suffered freefall, the whole world will suffer injury, including our U.S. company, from the general to the Wal-Mart, if China’s successful transition to a more market-oriented, consumer-friendly economies They will benefit more. “