Kim Jongun and other Chinese people pay tribute to the martyrs Anying

According to the KCNA news in the 60th anniversary of the Korean War armistice, the first secretary of the WPK, the first chairman of the National Defense Commission, Supreme Commander of the People’s Army Kim Jong-un to those in Pyongan hoechang County Chinese People’s Volunteers martyrs cemetery, Eulogy to the martyrs.
Wreaths laid at the sound of music, with the name of Kim Jong-un wreaths and the name of the WPK Central Military Commission of the wreaths were laid at the martyrs’ cemetery. Kim Jong-un and the Korean government and the armed forces, accompanied by heads together in silence to mourn the martyrs of the Chinese People’s Volunteers.
Subsequently, written jinzhengen and the WPK Central Military Commission of the name of the wreaths laid in the tomb Anying. Kim Jong-un mourn together with the entourage Anying.
Mr. Kim said the DPRK mountain in permeated with the Chinese People’s Volunteers martyrs sacrificed their blood and precious souls, their enthusiastic Korean War, noble sacrifice his life for selfless spirit will live forever in the hearts of the Korean army and people. Chinese People’s Volunteers Martyrs shows the two peoples fought for a common cause militant friendship, is the witness of history, but also a symbol of friendship between the DPRK.
Kim Jong-un also recalled October 26, 2010, accompanied by the DPRK top leader Kim Jong Il when he came to the scene of the martyrs cemetery, said to the renovation Korea over the Chinese People’s Volunteers Martyrs.
Pak Bong beads, Cui Longhai, Jang, Ginger sik, Zhang Zheng M, Jin Qingxi, Jinyuan Hong, Kim Yang Jian, Cui Fu a, Li Yongji, Jin Jingyu, Jin Yingzhe, Pu Zhengchuan, Putai Cheng, HUANG Bing oath, Kim Byung-ho, Jin Guiguan participate in the above activities.