Japan’s Senate campaign started Abe government will accept the national inspection

Japan’s Kyodo News reported on June 26 that Japan was the 26th regular Congress closing ruling and opposition parties for the 23th Senate election war is actually begun! The Government of Japan will soon be decided at a cabinet meeting, “July 4 election proclamation, the 21st vote counting,” the electoral calendar. This is the second cabinet since Abe took office in December 2012 after the first national election, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling seven months will accept the results of national tests.
Some analysts believe that the focus of this election is that the LDP and New Komeito party can get more than half of the Senate seats, eliminating ruling and opposition parties in the House of Representatives and the Senate, respectively, the majority of the “twisted Diet” phenomenon. According to Kyodo News as of the 26th of the statistics showed that a total of 411 planned election.
At the same time, Abe’s economic policy will be a major election issue. If you win in the Senate elections, Abe intends to accelerate the process of constitutional discussions. In addition, social security reform and fiscal reconstruction will increase the burden on national policy is also an important debate topic. Abe’s press conference at the 26th expressed its determination to get more than half of seats in the Senate, said: “We are in this Senate election can not fail, we must eliminate the ‘twisted Diet’.”
It is reported that Japan’s total of 242 seats in the Senate, this will elect half of the 121 seats. Since the non-public bipartisan election seats as 59, to reach more than half of the 122 seats, it must be considered to obtain 63 seats to win. From the current situation, a great possibility to achieve this goal.
Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party, the party crowd, Japanese Restoration Council, the New Party reform “constitutional faction” have a positive attitude on the constitutional amendment. People are also concerned, including non-reelection seats included, whether these forces in the Senate two-thirds of the seats, so that the conditions are ripe for constitutional amendment proposal.
In addition, the opposition parties also strive to maintain a majority in the Senate of the status quo. Democratic Party of Japan’s first Kaieda criticism that lower prices rise as the yen exchange rate is “Abe side effects of economic policy” to strengthen the LDP showdown colors. However, the Democratic Party in the June 23 parliamentary elections, Tokyo defeat in the Senate elections if the 44 seats in elections lot fell, then the party’s first duty bound to investigate the voice of the party.
Although the Japanese Restoration Council elections in 2012 the House of Representatives to stand out, but by common Party, Toru Hashimoto comfort women speak badly hit. Senate election results or to decide whether to continue to serve as the party’s first bridge. Communist Party hopes parliamentary elections following the victory in Tokyo after the Senate elections can also increase the seats. Social Democratic Party, the Green Party and the life style of the party in the campaign called “zero nuclear power.”