Japanese reporter visited the Yasukuni Shrine Abe rebuttal speeches

According to Japanese news network on July 3 reported that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe 3 pm to LDP president status, attended a Japanese reporter Club’s ruling and opposition nine political party will be the first seminar on the diplomatic and visits to the Yasukuni Shrine issue, participants were repeatedly refuted the reporter’s critique.
Turning to the issue of Sino-Japanese relations, Abe expressed the need to engage in a dialogue with the Chinese intentions. In this regard, on behalf of the Japanese reporters club questions reporters that Abe regime intends to use the values ​​diplomacy “encircle China” to seek to improve relations with China is wrong, and it is impossible.
For visiting the Yasukuni Shrine issue, Abe cite the American Civil War Confederate dead and Northern Army, both sides are to die for your country, so it is being buried together examples of worship that enshrined in Yasukuni’s war dead but also for the die for his country, should be respected. In this regard, questioning reporters again retorted, “This is a wrong concept, one is civil war, is a war with China and other foreign countries.”
In addition, when it comes to historical issues, Prime Minister Abe said he did not deny that over “aggression” and “colonial rule.” But he believes that historical issues should be left to scholars to discuss better. This reporter asked Road, “Whether or Nakasone Koizumi as prime minister during the period they are personally handle historical issues, and historical issues statement you do not stand, is not trying to avoid?” Abe replied: “None.” And denied that former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone on historical issues statement over state. Reporter has repeatedly stressed that “Nakasone said in Parliament when the respondent.” Q & A between the two became one o’clock dispute.