Japanese animation master Calls shelve disputes to avoid war

According to Japan’s Kyodo News, Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki on the 20th, said the history of territorial issues have been resolved by war. “Therefore, in order to avoid war, only to shelve disputes with China has also become a friend as well.”
Hayao Miyazaki (72 years) after a lapse of five years directed the new “windy” on the 20th released in Japan. Movie hero is “Zero fighter” (referred to Zero) Jiro Horikoshi designers and writers Hori Tatsuo prototype youth, the background is the Great Kanto Earthquake of experiencing panic directly into the turbulent war years.
Miyazaki interview with Japanese media said that the history of territorial issues have been resolved by war. Therefore (to avoid war) can only shelve disputes. And China has also become friends as well.
For the Japanese political stir constitutional issues, Hayao Miyazaki Studio Ghibli earlier in the magazine “hot air” published an article, bluntly, “to amend the constitution, outrageous,” has aroused strong repercussions.
In this article, Miyazaki said that “the government took the opportunity to amend the constitution at will, is simply outrageous.” And asserts said first amend the proposal to relax the constitutional conditions of the “Constitution” on page 96 for the “fraudulent” behavior.
Miyazaki also noted that “controls the content of Article 9 of the Constitution, the existence of the SDF is really strange, but despite the strange, still better than the IDF changed.” He also mentioned the issue of comfort women army, saying Japan “should solemnly apologize, good compensation.”