Iran expected to bring about change Rohani the United States, France and Germany and Italy expressed its willingness to cooperate

Iran’s Interior Ministry announced on the 15th, the former chief nuclear negotiator Hassan Rohani win the presidential election in Iran. Iran’s Press TV and Fars News Agency website released data show, Rohani vote was 50.7%. Rohani represents moderate conservatives won the election news release, the United States, France and Germany, Italy and other countries have expressed their willingness to Rohani contacts with Iran’s new president and co-operation.
After the announcement, “Global Times” reporter in Tehran lived on the street outside the hotel the traffic congestion, the traffic will be intense street block was packed. Vehicles are honking, red lights almost the whole street lights shining into the ocean, on the street, people keep issuing cry.
Reporters on the scene saw the hearts of supporters to take a variety of ways to express joy, shaking someone holding portraits Rohani, someone shouted waving his hands, there are people playing rock and roll and jump dance, even many women dressed in black headscarf also happily joined to celebrate team. Passers-Nasser told reporters in Tehran were more celebrated elsewhere, “People are tired of Ahmadinejad in power, and is by voting to elect their own ideal of the new president and joy.”
Reporters on the scene to conduct random interviews, the most heard word is “change”, all respondents have expressed Rohani elected happy, and change initiatives great hope. And friends come together to participate in the celebration of the students Shahe Bo told reporters that he and his friends are all elected Rohani confidence, “We are most concerned about tangible improvements in living standards, curb inflation, promote economic development, and this Rohani is a reformist candidate identity campaign, he is good for change, whether there is much progress in the nuclear area, if the people famished stomach, what is the point? “employee Abby Ruhr told reporters:” Iran to the long-term people feel different, relatively closed, Rohani advocate a more open foreign policy, hoping that he would Iran and the international community to promote contacts and exchanges. ”
In addition, the reporter learned that, in Rohani after news of victory, Iran Rial currency and the U.S. dollar exchange rate changes, a sharp appreciation of the rial. Analysts said, reflecting on the Iranian community and improving governance Rohani confidence in the economy.
Elected for Rohani, the outside world has also given a positive response. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the 15th expressed willingness to continue to work with the Iranian authorities and the president-elect a common commitment to an important international issues and the welfare of the Iranian people. EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Catherine Ashton said, willing to work together to find the Iranian nuclear issue Rohani diplomatic solution. The White House issued a statement saying the United States to respect the Iranian people to vote in the presidential elections, the Iranian government is willing to make direct contact with the international community to fully eliminate concerns about the Iranian nuclear issue to find a diplomatic solution. Russia has said it hopes to strengthen cooperation with the Iranian government. In addition, France, Germany and Italy have also expressed a similar desire. Israel has urged the West on the nuclear issue in Iran continue to put pressure on him.
Rohani was born in 1948, master of the law, long-term national interests Council, the Supreme National Security Council and other agencies served, from 2003 to 2005 as chief nuclear negotiator, had to suspend its uranium enrichment agreement with Western countries. Rohani formerly moderate conservatives before the election turned reformist, advocated a pragmatic political and economic policies, and the parties have maintained good relations, to get former President Mohammad Khatami and Rafsanjani reformist leadership Support. Rohani promised the formation of a “full of wisdom and hope,” the government, these propositions as he attracted a large number of reformist supporters. In addition, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei with Rohani relationship more closely.
Some analysts said, compared with Ahmadinejad, Rohani in international affairs and strategies to take a more moderate approach, but also attach importance to the bottom line and principles. In the people’s livelihood, he pay more attention to the bottom of people’s real interests, which means to increase the employment rate, and will strengthen sanctions against the Iranian economy resistance. In the controversial Iranian nuclear issue, Rohani said it would not to the West, “bow”, and efforts to reduce or eliminate serious damage to the Iranian economy to international sanctions. Exchanges with other countries in the world, he said to seek constructive interaction with the world, hoping to improve Iran’s relations with the international community, and has pledged to restore the “old enemy” America’s diplomatic relations. Analysts pointed out that Rohani nuclear issue came to power after thorough consideration, with the West more flexible negotiations, which may ease Western sanctions against Iran’s tough to improve Iran’s dire economic situation.
Iran expert Rashid, “Global Times” reporter, said Rohani to improve the economy and increasing international exchanges policies more pragmatic, win reflects his people on improving people’s livelihood, the voices of implementing change is welcomed by all. But Iran’s domestic and foreign policy to a greater extent or controlled by the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Rohani came to power, the Iranian nuclear issue and in foreign relations is difficult to change much, but the Iraqi nuclear talks will produce more positive impact.
Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of World Economy and International Relations experts Evseev said: “Rohani came more favorable to Western countries, Russia and he will be difficult to establish a good relationship, he will not be anti-Russian, but relations with Russia will becomes more complex. “