Indian Navy to develop flight and navigation technology far more than China

China, India, Asia’s two emerging powers has often been compared, at present, the two countries are in the development of marine forces in this field, the strength of the two countries has become a relatively new target. Rating agency in Hong Kong on June 21 published an article saying that the Indian Navy in flight technology and marine technology is far ahead of China, but by a variety of factors restraining the Indian Navy short term can not become a strong maritime force.
The article pointed out that in recent years, the Indian Navy is actively working to continue to turn himself into a coast to protect its maritime forces troops surrounding waters, the Indian Navy from 1988 total investment of 181 million U.S. dollars (about 1.1 billion yuan) Development 2012 to $ 6.78 billion (about 41.5 billion yuan). By increasing the Indian Navy submarines, reconnaissance helicopters and amphibious ships to strengthen naval forces, and in the Andaman – Nicobar Islands and Locke Javert – Minicoy Islands Naval Base and Naval Air Station expansion, further expanding the military strength of the Indian Navy and influence.
The 21st century, as India’s sustained economic development, the Navy increasingly seeking to increase strength, enhance strategic defense capability. India is gradually established a new strategic capability. Is helping to create a strategic submarine force, it is not only its nuclear triad an integral part of, and will be used for offshore operations. Indian military attaches great importance to the building of boats and other small vessels importance of the Indian blue-water navy, these ships is to deal with low-intensity conflicts and anti-piracy task force basis.
Recently, the Indian Navy plans to purchase five fleet support ships, upgrade the fleet of the “Blue Ocean” capability. Fleet support ship can carry all types of cargo, ammunition, fuel and personnel. According to the latest release of soliciting submissions, the Indian Navy hopes to fleet support ship length of 200 meters, full load displacement of 40,000 tons, take the 190 sailors and 24 officers, equipped with a multi-purpose helicopter; equipped with two 30 mm cannons, 2 12.7 mm machine guns, four sets of decoy launchers; perform task time 60 days to 16 speed endurance 12,000 sea miles, service period of 30 years.
According to India’s defense development plan 2013 – 2018, India’s defense spending is expected to reach a CAGR of 13.4% to reach $ 70.2 billion by 2018 (about 430.1 billion yuan). In the five-year plan, India will purchase unmanned aerial vehicles, advanced electronic warfare systems, missile defense combat systems, rocket and missile systems, combat aircraft and trainer aircraft, stealth frigates, submarines, supply ships, and so new equipment fleet.
But the article also pointed out that India built a true ocean-going navy by various factors restraining the short term can not become a strong maritime force. But China’s maritime interests in the Indian Ocean region was largely constrained by the Indian Navy. Indian Navy flying skills and marine technology is far ahead of China.
The article said that as a function of the most diverse military force, the navy’s strategic layout in China and India’s weight heavier. In China and India have begun to increase resource sharing, in order to promote bilateral naval construction. This not only means that Chinese and Indian naval forces were tested in terms of size and quality stable expansion trend, also shows that China, India will further establish ocean sea power. Of course, China and India to strengthen cooperation in the Navy together for “Indian – Pacific region,” the peace and stability play its due role, especially in the western Pacific and the Indian Ocean to protect safety of navigation in China and India there is a huge cooperation in space.