India offenders sentenced to life imprisonment

Madhya Pradesh, India on the 20th District Court sentenced six gang-raped women in Switzerland criminals to life imprisonment, and at 10,000 rupees per fine. March 15 this year, a Swiss woman and her husband in India, Madhya Pradesh cycling trips camping, near six villagers were raped. They also stole the couple to carry belongings. India rape, gang rape frequently, foreign women are increasingly becoming the object of sexual crimes. Since January this year, including this Swiss women included, have been held four foreign women in India suffered rape or gang rape, including a South Korean female tourist, an American female tourists and a Chinese working in India, female citizens , while an Indian hotel owner attempted rape of British female tourists.
Foreign women suffered sexual assault cases frequently, so plan a wash “rape of the land” India has repeatedly confounded notoriety, but also a blow to India’s tourism industry. According to the Federation of Commerce and Industry of India earlier reports, since last December the black bus gang rape occurred since foreign tourists to India declined by 35% and many U.S., UK, Canada, Australia and other countries to Indian women tourists canceled travel plans. Reported that in the long run, this image will result in $ 17 billion a year, India’s tourism losses.
New Delhi, an independent lawyer Sartre Vick in the “Global Times” reporter, said the Swiss female tourist was gang-raped in India, people are very shocked. Sartre Vick said criminals should be punished, the Indian government should strengthen the foreign tourists, especially women tourists protection for foreign visitors to create a safe, secure travel environment. Sartre Vick also suggested that foreign female tourists in India Tourism should strengthen self-protection awareness, try to avoid visiting unsafe areas and avoiding late night travel.
Indian Parliament passed in March this year, the Criminal Law Amendment, aggravated sexual assault and rape cases against the punishment. Amended Act, victims of sexual crimes that lead to death or a vegetative state criminals, the death penalty; rape recidivist sentence has also been increased to life imprisonment or death, rape perpetrators sentence was increased to 20 years. In addition, the bill also provides for peeping while the trailing sexual harassment and other punitive measures.