German president publicly criticized the United States to engage in monitoring

Russian President’s Office spokesman Peskov July 26 said that the Russian security agencies currently working with the FBI to discuss issues on Snowdon, but Russia will not be extradited to the United States Snowdon.
Peskov told the media that, no matter how the situation developed, the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian-US relations are determined not to let events by Snowden, but “Russia in the past, present and future will not extradite anyone.” Peskov said that Putin had asked Russia to accept an application for political asylum Snowdon condition that “he must cease any further damage to U.S. interests.”
German news television on the 26th with “Russia and the United States Snowdon round and round” in the title, said Snowden came to Moscow from the airport without a break from the two superpowers. In the House of Representatives on the 24th veto bill limiting electronic information gathering, American voice more acute. Russian Ministry of Justice Information Bureau responsible person said that the department has received the U.S. Attorney General Eric Snowden event on a letter sent to. Agence France-Presse on the 26th, said Eric said in the letter, the United States will not put to death Snowdon. United States Ambassador to Russia McFaul is also on Twitter, said the United States was not required “rendition” Snowden, but let him “home.” The U.S. Senate passed a resolution on the 25th, if other countries to provide shelter for the Snowdon, the United States may impose sanctions, including the “cancel or suspend trade preferences.”
The scandal involves listening relationship with the United States but also in Germany for that matter troubles. “U.S. intelligence agencies monitor scandal makes me very uneasy.” According to the German “Der Spiegel” reported on the 26th, after a period silence, high-g German President issued a “clear voice” criticized the United States. Reported that high-g is to accept the German “Passau Daily News” interview, said this, which is the United States after the scandal broke listening, German President first public statement. High g said: “Every citizen of the mail and telephone will be foreign intelligence agencies monitor, store, which will make people extremely insecure and civil liberties will be threatened.”
“Deutsche Welle” on the 26th, said Snowden get headquartered in Berlin, “Transparency International” organization, the International Union of Lawyers and the German anti-nuclear coalition of scientists awarded the “2013 Annual Secret Award.” The award selection criteria are: “earth-shattering, self-sacrifice, with a warning sense, risking their lives.” Snowden will receive a certificate and a € 3,000 prize money. Lawyers Union, the International antinuclear Xiyekeer stressed that if by the end of August Snowdon can not come to accept the award, they will go to their local awards.