Foreign media said the Sino-Japanese dispute tough due date

“Bangkok Post” article published on August 4, said the Sino-Japanese dispute in the East China Sea area and the tensions between Japan and North Korea, Japan is opportunity to strengthen militarization. Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso recently declared that Japan should learn Nazis how to avoid the constitutional approach, although the Japanese government did not rewrite “World War II” by the United States designed to constitutional provisions, but Aso rhetoric with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to seek relaxation of Japan’s military restrictions promises exactly the same.
The article said that Abe took office, constantly reiterated that it would strengthen the militarization of the building as the focus of the defense policy aimed at achieving an independent defense, its ally the United States to get rid of dependence. In fact, the number of Japan’s military spending is quite amazing, about $ 50 billion. Although the Constitution allows only its own defensive military force, prohibiting the development or purchase of offensive weapons, but stipulates blurred.
Article noted Abe government has refused to recognize Japan’s military offensive into defensive, because the boundaries released last month, Japan’s defense provincial report on the strengthening of military power is more blurred. The report covers the purchase of reconnaissance aircraft, as well as to consider the formation of a Marine Corps combat preparedness ballistic content.
But the article claims that “There is no doubt that Japan’s tough stance is caused by Chinese and Japanese island dispute.” The article also said that some people think that Japan take tough action for security concerns are legitimate, while Japan has strengthened the construction militarization in Asia to balance China’s growing military influence. However, it is almost certain that Japan despite constitutional limitations, bent strengthen militarization ultimately exacerbate tensions. Once the situation out of control, regional and global arms race will be inevitable.
Article which pointed out that, by virtue of advanced technology and industrial power, Japan, as long as there is desire, you can quickly become a military power. However, due to the lack of public support, despite the large number of military budget, the Japanese government seems reluctant to openly develop military. However, China has been worried about Japan someday become a global military power. In addition to the Sino-Japanese dispute over sovereignty outer islands, China and Japan in the “war” on crime and dissatisfaction with the attitude of Japan also deepened the gap between the two countries.
The article pointed out, “World War II” after nearly 60 years, Japan has been mandated to take measures to demilitarization. If all countries are able to launch a war of aggression and consciously accept the sanctions, the world would be a safer, better place. Unfortunately, this will not be achieved in the short term. In this regard, China should realize that prevent the militarization of Japan, the smartest approach is to reduce the level of confrontation at the East China Sea.