Fear of transatlantic relations has changed

American “Monitor” incident on June 30 set off new waves suddenly, by Snowden Secret seems to be more confidential documents leaked to the media, the U.S. intelligence agencies monitor the goals of the EU as soon sparked reports of the U.S. and the EU and its key members of the tensions.
German “Der Spiegel” Disclosure of the last two days massive U.S. intelligence agencies monitor the EU’s extensive detail, referring to the U.S. National Security Agency headquarters in the EU as well as its Washington office and the United Nations Headquarters in New York to monitor the delegation office, had also penetrated the European Union computer networks.
Snowdon leaked confidential documents show that the United States could monitor the EU has started long ago, and perhaps has been going on for several years. This sensational news cast doubt to US-European relations “shocker.”
EU in terms of monitoring events undoubtedly very angry. The European Commission said in a statement on the 30th, had asked the U.S. authorities on the above reports, the U.S. response was “under investigation.”
Two important countries in the European Union, France and Germany to the United States may be lashed for monitoring. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said that if the reports are true, then the French side “completely unacceptable” the U.S. approach. German Justice Minister Schnarrenberger 30, said in a statement that the United States must immediately provide an explanation, and refers to “our friends in the United States as an enemy, as in Europe, which is totally unthinkable.”
“Monitoring door” This latest development could affect only just begun in the United States and Europe free trade negotiations. The negotiations had ended in November of next year, but now it has added uncertainty.
This apparent lack of U.S. countermeasures. In South Africa visiting U.S. President Barack Obama has not been reached for comment. Accompanying his visit, Deputy Assistant U.S. national security Rhodes 30, 2011 refused to comment on the matter directly, saying only that the U.S. and European intelligence agencies “close relationship.”
Is considered a close relationship with Snowdon “WikiLeaks” organization founder Assange on the 30th, said Snowden has confirmed that regardless of how their situation, he will continue to “monitor” incident for more details made public.
Assange also accused the United States revoked the passports of Snowdon, and stressed that the pressure of any country can not be forced to continue Snowdon open “Prism” program more confidential information.
Launched from the U.S. accusations against Snowden and seek their extradition, while Snowden fled Russia after more turning to the media themselves and their future destiny Snowdon; monitoring the EU and the United States reported the disclosure, once again make people to focus toward “Monitoring the door.” There are concerns that if the United States of the EU are closely monitored on such a scale, then the United States to monitor the situation in other countries, how will unfold?
As for the whereabouts of Snowdon, the Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa on the 30th, said the current situation by the Russian deal Snowdon, from Ecuador aspects of control. He reiterated the need to step into Ecuadorian territory Snowdon or Ecuadorian consulate in order to consider their application for asylum.
Snowden is still believed to Moscow airport, outside of his specific location at the airport there is a lot of speculation. Currently the United States continues to try to extradition.
Outgoing U.S. National Security Adviser Donilon said the United States and the Russian legal department is through the “usual channels” on the issue commenced Snowden communication.
Donilon said that Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed “Please Snowden to leave” argument. He hoped that the event can be resolved quickly Snowdon.
However, the U.S. monitoring reports of the European Union came after the French MEPs Melenchon said France should be given asylum Snowdon and suspend all trade negotiations with the United States. Around the United States, “monitoring” incident triggered a series of diplomatic disputes, is expected to continue.