EU to reach an amicable agreement PV trade dispute

The European Commission said in a statement on Saturday, and the EU on the PV trade dispute to reach an amicable agreement. The European Commission has insisted on taxing Trade Commissioner De Gucht said that the two sides on Chinese solar panels lowest price in the European market consensus. Currently two sides did not disclose the price, but the AFP, citing people familiar with news that a minimum price of 0.56 euros per watt. EU officials hope that the bargaining agreement could pass before August 6, when the details will be made public. “Global Times” interview to the domestic photovoltaic companies have expressed satisfaction with the agreement, adding that ensures a reasonable profit. While the European media that the agreement to avoid a trade war Europe upgrades to make the majority of European companies relieved.
Ease EU trade disputes
According to Reuters, the EU and China agreed minimum import prices close to the spot price. According to the PV trading platform pvXchange, the two sides agreed to 0.56 euros per watt European markets close in July China spot prices of photovoltaic panels. Reported that the terms of the 2012 level as a benchmark, China will be permitted to provide about half of the European photovoltaic panels to meet the needs of supply. Consumption in the EU in 2012 was 15 billion watts, the agreement provides China can provide 7 billion watts, the excess is required to pay 47.6% of the tariff.
The European Union Parity Solar (AFASE) press liaison officer John Naxi · Donetsk on the 28th, the “Global Times” reporter, said that despite the lowest price has not been disclosed, but hope that the EU should not raise prices because it would seriously affect the European PV installation and project development. Since June 5 preliminary tariffs proposed by the EU, the European demand for PV products has been a serious decline, resulting in some PV companies go bankrupt.
German Economy Minister Philipp Rösler agree on EU welcomed. He said the dispute has hurt the entire economic relationship. International Trade Commission, European Parliament member Daniel Castro Parry on “Global Times” reporter, said the day EU trade more than 1 billion euros, in 2012, China-EU bilateral trade amounted to 415 billion euros. China is Europe’s most important and close trade partners. “This year in November or December, EU investment agreements will officially begin negotiations between us should be more carrot, not the stick.”
Central Europe after this settlement, the French Foreign Trade Minister Nicole Brick issued a statement immediately congratulations. She said, “Now we look forward to the end of this settlement will help the Chinese side for the European wine anti-dumping investigation.” French “broker” websites that EU trade dispute settlement on the PV will ease the French in the wine trade tensions.
However, there are some EU PV manufacturers are not satisfied with the agreement. German online media “German economic news,” said the EU all have to make concessions on key issues, the agreement reached 0.56 euros per watt of photovoltaic enterprises require much lower than in Europe € 0.8 per watt. European Photovoltaic Industry Association chairman Milan Niqi Ke expressed dissatisfaction with the results, saying a clear violation of the EU’s trade laws. European Photovoltaic Manufacturers Association – Solar World also said that the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg will be agreement on this appeal.