Elected President of the helpless outcome

According to the “Universal People” magazine, “The military’s plan is an outright military coup my constitutional legitimacy irreplaceable, I would like to use his life to defend the president position.” With the July 3 “coup Day” gradually gone, lost personal freedom Mursi had increasingly feeble words.
June 15 this year, when he announced that Egyptian President Mursi severed diplomatic relations with the Syrian government to recall ambassador to Syria, and close the Syrian embassy in Egypt. A few days later, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the U.S. Cable News Network (CNN) interview with reporters, said that despite the civil war in Syria, but Syrian President Bashar future reign longer than Egyptian President Mursi long.
Just over 10 days, Putin’s words on “fulfilled” the.
Far from the stage, only a short time of the year, the democratically elected President Mursi Why was ousted? How to evaluate the past year he has done? How will his fate?
“People no longer need such a president of the”
Political analysts believe that the Middle East Chaoui, Mursi history of Egypt in last year became the first democratically elected president, was once the people have high hopes, and now only one year end up ruling ousted ending, worthy of reflection. He believes that one important reason is the support force behind Mursi Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt keen struggle for power, and its respected religious conservative ideas and long-term secular Egyptian conditions inconsistent with, more and more people recognize that his brother will be the true face, the most of that religion and state politics should be separate. In economic development and livelihood issues setback after another, the Mursi government’s downfall is perhaps inevitable. Chaoui said that his brother will be present is a religious organization, should return to its future role in the religious life.
“Today the Egyptian newspaper” commented that, on July 3 night happened, is not truly a military coup, as Mursi is in the “People’s Command” under house arrest, which is the “people’s choice “military only” response to public opinion and for the. ” Egypt “Seventh Daily” wrote that Egypt is his brother will step down as a “watershed”, began to enter the “Houmuerxi era”, which is an era of hope and vitality, will open a better future for Egypt. Egypt “incident report” commented that Mursi ruled late “Egypt has been hovering at the edge of the cliff, and the situation there is the danger of sliding into the abyss of civil war.”
More analysts believe that since the overthrow of the Mubarak regime in Egypt, the original balance of political forces and a stable social structure is broken, the state into the “labor pains” like a special transformation of the transition period. Interwoven tangle of old and new contradictions, secular, religion hardly contain fire and water, so that the transition period in Egypt chaos, frequent trouble. “Political instability of the situation of the explosion, the people slack, social fragmentation and even fragmentation, etc., are increasingly becoming the evolution of the situation in transition characteristics.” Around the country to establish what kind of parties wrestling growing and competing through “street politics” or even “street violence” and other ways to express extreme demands in order to enhance the right to speak, show strength and influence. Now grasp the military situation, this fight is equal to draw a conclusion, but also the country’s stability has been maintained.
Mursi came to power, he hit series “combination punches”, replace successive military leaders, local leaders, etc., intended to stabilize the regime, to restore security and order. In effect, these are relatively offend people’s actions, his ultimate downfall, but also the combined result. From the people’s point of view, the economy is not doing a good job even mess is one of the important factors Mursi step down. The survey shows that more and more people begin to lose confidence in Mursi. They believe that Mursi’s economic recovery policies implemented collapse of Egypt, Egypt is now getting behind, “People no longer need such a president.”
Firm believers in Islam
August 1951, Mursi was born in the Nile Delta a small unknown village, his grandfather and father and other generations are facing the loess back into the air farmers. However, due to the fertile Nile gift, Mursi’s village is not poverty, in his memory, the family never had it for dinner when. This makes Mursi’s father in solving the food and clothing the family apart, as well as ability and strength of the four largest Mursi children to three kilometers outside the town up reading, so he grew to accept the formal teachings of Islam , canons, Hadith and Islamic culture, history and literature and other aspects of comprehensive education.
After graduating from high school, went to Cairo University to study engineering Mursi, has received bachelor’s and master’s degree. Later, Mursi was given a doctorate in engineering from University of Southern California, and stayed on as assistant for several years. In 1985, the Mursi home, in northern Cairo, Zagazig University professor. The early 1990s, Mursi official Jia Rumu brother would. At the time, his brother will focus on combating the Egyptian ruling party objects, Mursi so badly shaken, and twice in jail. Life behind bars during his time reading Islamic books, does not comment on the article when you become famous theorist Muslim brother, and later among the highest governing body, to become his brother will be an important member of the leadership.
As firm believers in Islam, Mursi family is full of Islamic characteristics. Mursi’s study and drawing room, are covered with a variety of “Koran” classic quotations, especially Allah to educate people how to behave and get along with people’s motto. However, unlike many Muslims marry four wives of different approaches, Mursi only one wife, and have followed his career, the communities where their families is a famous female social activist and Islamic activists. There have been media reports that Egypt, Mursi’s wife ends Zhuangxian Shu, graceful, a veil over his face to make her quite a sense of mystery and majesty.
Musil 1978 married his wife a symbiosis of three men and two women five children. Now, they have a three grandchildren. Musil’s three sons joined the U.S. citizenship two and two daughters, one married to a Muslim brother of a leader. Mursi said to still fancy each other, do their own media. Before the general election, Musil and grandchildren often play together, that it is the world’s most happy thing. Two married daughters from time to time to go home to visit his parents, which makes Mursi am very pleased and happy couple. When Friday comes, that is the most homogeneous Mursi family when the family get together, enjoyable. Eaten reunion dinner, usually with everyone Mursi also led to a nearby mosque. He always has been very pious and serious, profound feelings of his wife, also a meticulous, rhythmic, it touches the children one by one if nothing had happened, grandchildren is absent-minded, as if merely along for the ride of.
Egyptian media has reported that Mursi this deeply touched, and even marvel at. From his children and grandchildren who saw Islam is under attack. Thus, became president, he decided to strengthen the people’s Islamic consciousness and habits, specific to the church on the issue, we must educate young people to do one by one law-abiding, rather than so-so.
About Mursi family situation, Egyptian media said was not much, mainly because he himself acted relatively low profile. For Mursi’s two sons become an American citizen, Egyptian media criticism was not much, because they are taught in the United States during the Mursi immigrants in the past, so I did not become Mursi attacks against “tainted.”