Egyptian military made ​​conditional release Mursi

Middle East media said the Egyptian military Mursi proposed release conditions: agree on the settlement of national crisis, the military “road map” plan, and asked its supporters to abandon protests. An official with the military to engage in a dialogue with the Mursi himself.
The Middle East, “Information Network Online” 6 reported that the Egyptian military on the 3rd night recall Egyptian President Mursi and placed under house arrest after a large number of Mursi supporters took to the streets to protest, and the impact of some of the government agencies, caused some casualties. Faced with an increasingly serious situation, the military made ​​conditions for the release of Mursi, you agree to the military roadmap, no longer require its supporters held massive street protests, not to create violence.
Military authorities on the 5th report quoted as saying, “a former member of Egypt’s Supreme Military Council Abdul – Aziz generals rate is mainly composed by the religious people Mursi negotiating team to negotiate with the aim of efforts to convince the Muslim Chelsea agree the military roadmap, and the road map is the core of Mursi give up the presidency, stop the current constitution and hold early presidential elections. ”
The source said, “The reason why the military mission to negotiate with the Mursi, because of military requirements and Mursi Committee loud voice dialogue to resolve the crisis in order to prevent further escalation of tensions in countries’ National Salvation Front ‘ElBaradei and Saba Xi urged the military leaders and Mursi reach a solution as soon as possible. ”
According to reports, the Egyptian army and the Third Army Second Army leaders have formally expressed to the Egyptian Defense Minister Gen. Sethi, should reach a political solution with the Mursi, because the current situation is very tense Sinai Peninsula, forces difficult to deal with emergency measures violence.