Egyptian mediation on both sides of the US thankless

Although the U.S. Undersecretary of State Burns visited Egypt to mediate and met with Egyptian Foreign Minister Fahmy, Interim President Mansour, as well as by a four-member delegation of the Mursi camp, but to be in between the two factions settlement is not an easy task, because the Egyptian military and Mursi camps, the United States seems to showing a trace of distrust, which may be the most reluctant to see the United States.
“Egyptian military leaders held meetings with the leaders of Islamic parties.” Agence France-Presse on the 4th, said military spokesman said on that day, Cecilia Gen. 3 evening held a meeting with Islamic leaders, efforts to resolve the Mursi opposition supporters called on the Egyptian interim government demonstrations triggered by conflicts. But the Egyptian military did not disclose Cecilia generals who met several representatives.
Some analysts believe that this is to do something like Cecilio look to the Americans. Published in the 3rd because of the “Washington Post” reported in the United States Cecilio publicly complained strongly reject “expressly recognized” the Egyptian military regime has been overthrown Mursi, saying the United States mercilessly abandoned the Egyptian people, they will always remember live it.
“Voice of America” ​​Web site on the 3rd reported that Cecilia explicitly require the United States to put pressure on Muslim brother, ending more than a month-long protests and sit-ins and demonstrations. In addition, fear of civil war in Egypt on the occasion, the Egyptian military denounced the United States does not provide enough assistance.
Egyptian Islamic party leaders latest statement also seems to imply that Burns’s visit did not change their position. Egyptian Freedom and Justice Party issued a statement said, “We reiterate that we welcome and respect for the constitutional legitimacy of the coup based on the refusal of any political solution.”
Perhaps realizing his arduous task, the Associated Press on the 4th, said Burns will visit to Egypt has decided to extend the one day in order to meet the key players – the Egyptian military leaders as well as interim prime minister Cecilia. Mursi camp also expressed their willingness to conduct more talks with Burns.
According to the U.S. Cable News Network reported Wednesday around the foot with Burns arrived in Cairo, as well as the European Union Special Representative for the South Mediterranean Leone. In after meeting with Nabil Fahmy, Burns and Leon have said that the United States and Europe agreed to by the Egyptians in Egypt’s future without foreign interference to decide the case, listen to their visit to the Egyptian government and all political forces opinions and to end the current political opposition in Egypt to provide possible help.
Analysts said his brother will appeal lies to restore power to Mursi, while the release of detained with other leaders, thawing his brother will be assets, the lifting of the ban on Muslim brother television, while the military is strongly advocated the Moor West excluded from the political process. There seems little inclined to the U.S. military, but worried about the situation in Egypt, out of control, and thus strive to Muslim brother will stay within the reconciliation process, the result is not to please both sides.
Egyptian “Al-Ahram” on the 4th comments that U.S. Undersecretary of State Burns mediation difficult substantive results. Commented that the U.S. regime change in Egypt before and after the process of contradictory positions, supported his brother at the station last year, and a year later acquiesced in the military overthrow of the regime, while also criticizing the military used excessive force. Such changing attitudes so that his brother will be very difficult for the Egyptian military and the United States to give more confidence. Commented that the United States want to achieve their own interests in Egypt, not really care about the democratic process in Egypt. From the current situation, the Egyptian military Mu brother would have to question the position of the United States, Burns visit Egypt is difficult to make progress.
“The United States does not understand the real problems faced by Egypt and several promises to Egypt,” “Today Egyptian newspaper” issued sharper critics said U.S. Undersecretary of State Burns visited Egypt, showing that the United States eager to restore stability in Egypt, so U.S. interests can be guaranteed. Whether Muslim brother or military, are reduced to the United States in Egypt profitable tool. But this situation is changing, and the Egyptians are awakening, Egypt’s internal affairs without foreign forces to intervene. According to Agence France-Presse on the 4th evening news, the Egyptian court to decide in August 25 trial Mu brother leader.