Egypt six ministers resigned to support the opposition

Egyptian military on the 1st to President Mohammed Mursi issued 48 hours ultimatum, saying that if Mursi satisfied demonstrators demanded that the military will be involved in the current situation. Mursi 2, 2009 rejected the ultimatum. In addition, as the 2nd, there are Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr, including six ministers to resign, to show support for the opposition.
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Foreign Minister, who submitted his resignation
June 30 is the first anniversary of Mursi sworn in the day. Few days, millions of people in the Egyptian capital Cairo, the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, Port Said and the Nile Delta city of Mansoura and Tanta Morsi held to support or oppose a large-scale demonstrations.
Protesters torched and looted the 1st Mursi their group the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters. Health Ministry spokesman Yahya Moussa said protesters clash caused 20 people were killed, 1,200 wounded.
As of the 2nd, there are six ministers to resign, including Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr, Minister of Tourism Hisham Zhazu, Communications and IT Minister Atef Helmi, etc., in order to show support for the opposition. There are five ministers said they would join the ranks of public demonstrations to put pressure on Mursi. Along the strategic Suez Canal, Ismailia governor Hassan Riffa Egypt also offered to resign.
At the same time, five Egyptian Consultative Conference (upper house of parliament) members are the 1st to resign. They criticized the eve of the outbreak of the procession Mursi televised speech that the content of the speech has not addressed the protesters demands.
Rejected the military emperor to abdicate
Defense Minister Cecilia the 1st right support and opposition camps Mursi issued an “ultimatum”: the military for the two factions to resolve the current crisis set period of 48 hours, if the period after the crisis is not resolved, the military will intervene.
Sethi said in his speech, 48 hours for all parties concerned is to meet people’s demands and resolve the crisis of the “last chance.” He said that if within 48 hours of the people’s wishes are not met, the military will announce a roadmap for the future, and to monitor its implementation, participate in the implementation will include “all political parties and ethnic power integrity, especially the youth power,” No political party not be excluded or have been orphaned.
“Demands of the people” means the request of the Egyptian opposition demonstrators Mursi at 17:00 on the 2nd (GMT 23:00) to step down, otherwise it will hold large-scale civil disobedience activities.
Egyptian Presidential Palace on the 2nd morning issued a statement, insisting that will continue to promote national reconciliation.
The statement said that the president did not clarify the contents of the military statement, issued a statement at this time may lead to confusion. Mursi accuse anyone would “deepen the split” and “threaten social stability,” the statement.
Denies coup plan
Egyptian military does not publish a statement referred to in the “road map” of the specific content, just a few hours after the ultimatum issued his second statement denying intended coup.
The statement said: “Egyptian army ideology and culture does not allow the military means to take military coup.”
Demonstrators on the different attitudes of the military involved in politics, some support, while others expressed concern.
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Egyptian Court of Cassation ruling requested reinstatement of former Attorney General
Egyptian Court of Cassation on the 2nd ruling requested by President Mursi last November dismissed the former Attorney General Abdel Mahmoud re-served the post of Attorney General.
According to Egypt’s official news agency Middle East News Agency reported that the Supreme Court of Appeal’s ruling can not be appealed, which means the appointment of Mahmoud Morsi will replace the current Attorney General Talat Abdullah appointed to that office again.
Mahmoud by former President Hosni Mubarak in office appointment. Mursi has been seeking since it came to power after the removal, but according to the current law in Egypt, the president authority to relieve the Attorney General’s office.
Last November 22, Mursi promulgated a new constitution declaration issued a presidential decree, replacing Mahmoud Attorney General office and appointed Abdullah as the new Attorney General