Day will be the first to join the TPP negotiations lineup hundred people strive to restore the situation

Japan’s Kyodo News reported on June 24, from Japan joined the “Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement” (TPP) negotiations is only about a month in advance of accession negotiations in the United States and Australia during the year, 11 countries will strive to conclude the negotiations, an agreement . Although the Japanese government plans to team of 100 people to restore the backwardness of the accession negotiations, but will have a quick fix. Difficult to predict the extent to which participation in the Japanese trade and investment aimed at activating rulemaking.
According to reports, the next round of talks will be held July 15 -25 days held in Malaysia. However, Japan must wait for the U.S. Congress to accept for End-related procedures, is expected to join the negotiations after the 23rd, so Japan can only participate in three days agenda.
In addition, Japan will not be able to get before accession negotiations with 11 countries recording elements of the negotiations and the draft agreement for up to thousands of pages of secret documents. Several government official pointed out: “In the negotiations in Malaysia, Japan can not participate in in-depth discussions.” The Japanese government plans to July talks in September after the next round of talks as “real”, before catching up the negotiation process. In addition, consider the August 11 countries within and informal talks were held.
Negotiations participating countries plan to October 7 -8 held in Bali, Indonesia APEC (APEC) summit held during the summit. States will strive to summit reached a basic consensus for the year to reach an agreement.
However, the first 11 countries in the negotiations on the withdrawal of agricultural and industrial products reached an impasse on the issue of tariffs. Japan hopes the rice, wheat, beef and pork, dairy and sugar crops such as sugar cane and other agricultural products as the elimination of tariff five exceptions, Japan’s negotiations to join or make further complicate the situation.
Japanese government has negotiated sources said: “Even if an agreement within the year, and probably also in areas other than just to draw tariff rules concerning tariff consultations will continue until next year.” There are views that, if prolonged negotiating agenda, Japan will be able to participate the room will also be expanded.