Chinese Consul General met with Asiana Airlines CEO

Head of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, said Deborah Hochman 10, 2011, after the plane crashed into the ground within 90 seconds, the crew did not allow passengers to evacuate in time. Aviation sources said the crash is to escape after 90 seconds of prime time, the aircraft taking off or landing accidents, once you have the correct way to escape the success rate is quite high. According to aviation safety regulations, aircraft must have within 90 seconds the ability to evacuate all passengers.
□ progress of the investigation
Passengers were asked to stay in the seat
10, Hochman said at a news conference, South Korea Asia Airways jet landed after the accident occurred, the pilot requested the passengers stayed in his seat, did not immediately evacuated until informed aircraft fire.
Hochman said the accident had just occurred, a pilot told the crew not to immediately evacuate passengers. Based on flight safety procedures, the pilot in this stay within 90 seconds, and the contact tower. After 90 seconds, the crew confirmed fire. She said: “We do not know the pilot was thinking, but I can say yes, no previous accidents have crew evacuated the passengers waiting for the arrival of the vehicle seat belt out of the situation.”
Hochman believes that the pilot in the cockpit may not see the body on fire, only to get information from the flight attendants. After confirmation aircraft fire crews quickly evacuated.
According to Hirschman’s argument, investigators will know the pilot was thinking, what kind of information obtained, the corresponding evacuation procedures and how to complete these procedures, whether in a timely manner.
In addition, the evacuation began, two airborne emergency inflatable slides to the cabin, two crew was trapped. This should be the first time the emergency slides to expand outside the cabin, temporarily clear the problem.
The first batch of emergency personnel to the scene of the time, now there is no clear statement. Reuters said the incident emergency personnel arrive after 30 seconds, then said, Agence France-Presse, emergency vehicles arrived about two minutes later, three minutes after the fire.
Pilots partner will be subject to detailed investigation
Hochman said that the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board has Inquirer all four pilots.
Hochman said that while piloting an aircraft landing is still trained LI Qiang (transliteration), but to guide his flight instructor Lee Jung Min (transliteration) the same obligation, the two partners will be subject to detailed investigation of the case.
Time of the incident, Lee powerhouse driving the 777 models, the flight time is only 40 hours, and the Department for the first time landing at San Francisco International Airport. His flight instructor Lee Jung Min Department of obtaining a license for the first time to teach. Their first partner flight.
Former director of the National Transportation Safety Board, said James Hall, Asiana Airlines pilots partner on policies implemented by one of the priorities will be investigated.
Pilots generally accepted arrangement to become partner, not your own choice. Massachusetts Institute of Technology aeronautics professor Mary Cummings said that the commercial aircraft will be two pilots have never worked with more common to arrange the same flight, military aircraft will try to arrange a fixed partner.
“Research shows that the longer a fixed partner, more secure,” she said, “they have communication experience.”
Crashed aircraft with four pilots, two pairs take turns driving. 90 minutes before the incident, for Lee and Lee Jung Min driving power, so that Li powerhouse exercises more difficult landing.
Pilots claimed to have temporary blindness
Hochman said that Lee told the South Korean and U.S. power investigators, there is a bright light before the crash that he has 34 seconds of temporary blindness, when the aircraft descended to 500 feet (about 170 meters) high.
Asked whether the light is a laser, the Hochman replied: “At present we do not know what light, still need further investigation.” It is not known from where the beam, whether because the beam causes the pilot deviated from the landing strip.
Reported that informed sources, U.S. investigators spent almost 10 hours Inquirer Asiana Airlines pilots, but the crew of limited English proficiency hindered inquiry process. In the translators and Korea crash investigators with the assistance of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board experts, on the 8th of inquiries on Asiana Airlines Flight 214 pilots in 4 3. On the 10th, on the pilot’s inquiries begin again. Lee was driving crashed aircraft power in the day began to accept inquiries. The Boeing 777 pilots recently served as pilots, only 43 hours driving experience of the models, this is his first time driving the models landing in San Francisco. He has extensive experience in driving other aircraft. The progress of the pilot in the inquiry, the Security Council spokesman said, we hope that slowly action to ensure that no misunderstanding.