Chinese boycott of Philippine bananas are the victims

Past two years, the dispute between China and the Philippines Yin Nanhai political relations deteriorated. Philippine folk have to see how? The deterioration of political relations between the two countries will seriously affect the economic and trade relations? “Global Times” reporter recently with China – ASEAN Expo Secretariat joint interview team to the Philippines to interview, interview with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce president Dr. Cai Congmiao. Born in 1949 in Fujian Cai Cong wonderful four years old with his parents emigrated to the Philippines, the Philippine government and business circles dating his wide, served as special envoy of President Arroyo’s investment and trade, with the incumbent government officials have also maintained a close and good relationship. Cai Cong wonderful that the Philippines remained normal state governmental trade, businessmen think that the Philippine government propaganda dispute was “trivial.”
Global Times: Sino-Philippine relations Yin Nanhai problem worse, which is what impact economic and trade exchanges between the two countries?
Cai Cong wonderful: I think the Philippines is currently non-governmental trade remained normal state. September this year will be held in Nanning, Guangxi 10th China – ASEAN Expo, we decided to take nearly 50 participating entrepreneurs and Trade Cooperation Forum held in the Philippines. From our Chamber of Commerce and the China Council exchanges can be seen, no matter what the government politically different views between the Chamber of Commerce, has little impact among businessmen. However, the Chinese state-owned enterprises to invest in the Philippines becomes a bit cautious, their scruples Chinese public opinion, there can be too much action. Philippines to China’s investment has not changed much, mainly because of a predominantly Chinese.
Global Times: Yin Nanhai problem, China has happened boycott Philippine banana thing, you have to see how?
Cai Cong wonderful: if conducted through Hong Kong’s Sino-Philippine trade considered to come, China is the Philippines’ largest trading partner. If an event occurs boycott, I think it will bear the brunt of the victims are Chinese, is not necessarily a Filipino. Because Chinese boycott by the loss of the largest banana plantations are Chinese and export business company.
Global Times: Philippine general public in the end is to see how the two countries on the issue of the South China Sea dispute it?
Cai Cong wonderful: It depends on what you are talking directly with the Filipino newspaper or watch the news coverage. Ordinary Filipinos a very good impression on China. Every day they are bought Chinese products, if not imported from China, the price is so cheap, the general consumer class can not afford to. Filipino’s views on the Chinese has yet to be changed because of disagreements. From the Philippine government perspective, especially in the public schools of propaganda, but it is another matter. They advertise that: Whether Huangyan Island Reef are all still love the Philippines. Our contacts with businessmen do not put these seriously, they think these are the little things will become a historical one.
Over the past decades, Sino-Philippine relations have been very good. China has to give the Philippines $ 5 billion loan to promote a number of large projects. Former President of the Philippines with China relationship is so good, they can not advance these good project, mainly because the United States does not want to get too close to the Philippines with China. Recent conflicts between Taiwan and the Philippines was fried very hot, but now apologize to Taiwan, Philippines, fisheries cooperation agreement also started talking about, is the main reason the United States did not want to get too close to Taiwan and mainland China. U.S. to find a way to the first island chain fixed.