China leads the world who initially realized the transition back into the sand

Is currently being held in Inner Mongolia desert Kubuqi international forum, the State Forestry Bureau Zhao trees that China has initially achieved by the “sand into the back” to the “people back into the sand” changes.
“This is a very remarkable achievement! China is currently the world’s only cause of desertification do ‘people back into the sand’ of the country.” Former UN Deputy Secretary-General Sha Zukang, Secretary-General of Rio +20, “said United Nations is 2030 to achieve ‘zero growth in land degradation’ efforts, but the fact that China has surpassed this stage. ”
Zhao Grove said in recent years, the central government’s annual funding for desertification control billions of dollars. Vegetation coverage rate of 0.12% per year increase, the total area has reached 20%.
State Forestry Administration Center to Combat Desertification deputy Renluo Bin said, generally speaking, China reversing desertification in the 1990s expanded 3,436 square kilometers per year the situation, and now reverse the 1417 square kilometers of desertified land annually.
Desertification is a worldwide problem, China is also one of the most serious ecological problems. China Desertification 27% of the total land area. Total of 18 provinces and municipalities affected by desertification hazards caused direct economic losses each year reached more than 1200 billion yuan.
The Chinese government attaches great importance to anti-desertification work. 2002 China implemented the world’s first one desertification special laws, the government has also formulated national anti-desertification plan, establish a target responsibility system desertification.
From the 1950s to the present, China has implemented the “Three-North Shelterbelt” “Grain” a large number of key ecological construction and protection project, led farmers to participate in ordinary sand, and gradually improve the ecological and eliminate poverty.
In 2007, the Communist Party Congress for the first time written into the construction of ecological civilization Congress report. Ever since the Chinese Communist Party eighteen new central collective leadership of the “ecological civilization” into national development overall layout, clearly demonstrate respect for nature, harmony with nature, protecting the natural concept of ecological civilization.
“United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification,” Executive Secretary Luc Gnacadja said that China’s “ecological civilization” is a very visionary formulation, from land degradation, desertification perspective, this is the future of the world, the global target.
Chinese Vice Minister of Environmental Protection Li Chien Jie said that at present, China’s ecological civilization to ecological and environmental protection, including desertification career has brought new opportunities and greater development space, but also presents new challenges and higher requirements .
“China’s desertification control nature is still developing ideas, modes of production and lifestyle change issues.” He said.
Last year, the Chinese government promulgated a new national anti-desertification plan, specifically to 2020 for more than half of the country desertified land (approximately 200,000 square kilometers) to get treatment, sandy areas of life improved further.
China will continue to vigorously implement the national key ecological projects, especially for the ecologically fragile areas, will start the implementation of a number of new projects.
Luo said that the most urgent task now is to Beijing and Tianjin sandstorm source control, the first 10 years invested more than 560 billion yuan, the next 10 years will invest 84.4 billion yuan, sandstorms affecting Beijing origin will be effective governance.
“China is probably north of the source of 30% of the dust storms have been resolved in a project. West of the 20% and 50% of the dust northwest governance efforts were not enough, so the west and northwest of the 138 counties included in the two works. “he said.
“China attached great importance to mobilize social forces, using market mechanisms to manage multiple channels to raise funds to protect the legitimate interests of the governed, so that participation in anti-desertification enterprises and individuals in the economy to get a reasonable return.” Sha Zukang said.
In addition, the Chinese government on the basis of respect for the laws of nature encourage technological innovation, and actively explore the sandy regions adapt to different technical patterns.
CPPCC Vice Chairman, Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang said at the forum, desertification control through science and technology projects, China’s support for researchers and businesses to combat desertification conduct multi-disciplinary research.
“We have more than 20 organizations and refined desertification ecological restoration techniques model, combined with the national shelter construction, a total area of ​​over 1,600 acres of promoting, directly benefiting the people reached more than 220 million people.” He said.
China will further strengthen international cooperation, on the one hand and actively participate in major international scientific and technological cooperation program, the United overcome problems; the other hand, active learning and the introduction of foreign advanced technology and experience, continue to strengthen technical training, case studies and other forms of cooperation exchanges.
Former Israeli Ambassador Amos Nadai said that China and Israel in combating desertification work have their own characteristics, “the two sides to establish strong cooperation will teach people how to survive in the desert!”