BaoTuan questioned seriously offensive in Latin America Latin America Europe

“At that time, who is in that plane ride information is very contradictory, I just learned that the plane was president of Bolivia, and immediately ordered the open skies of it.” French President François Hollande, on the 3rd day after this interpretation of the “turn away” . Agence France-Presse said, by the people, “heroic welcome” Bolivian President warned some European countries, “it is best to yourselves to extricate from the American Empire.”
Morales landed the plane on the 3rd time in La Paz, Bolivia country many people have because of “presidential imperialism in Europe were abducted 13 hours (Vice President Garcia language)” angry. Bolivian official as saying more directly, which is the “European disregard of international law, Bolivia aggression.”
On the same day in La Paz, Bolivia, about 100 people protested outside the French embassy in Bolivia, they threw stones at the embassy and burned the French flag.
“Notre Dame, ah, what exactly is the morals!” American “Christian Science Monitor,” said Morales, after struggling in Europe, Argentine President Cristina first time on Twitter solidarity allies condemned European countries “to act as colonists. ” She also said Uruguayan President Mujica also “angry”, “He is right, this is very, very humiliating.”
Soon, “Latin America’s anger,” boarded a number of international media forum. Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said the incident “extremely serious,” is an affront to the entire Latin America. Peruvian President Humala, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and other requirements of the relevant European countries must be made on such a brutal practice to explain and apologize. Rosoff said the imposition of restrictions on the implementation of the Bolivian presidential plane for all Latin American countries injury. Of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Venezuela in Mercosur the 3rd issued a statement condemning the European countries concerned, and demanded an apology. UNASUR organization also announced at the 4th Summit held in member states to the European discussion to say.
NBC said Morales Latin American countries in Europe think so humiliated the American arrogance, they believed that the United States consistently behind the event, and thus recalling the past few decades, the United States how to make the Bay of Pigs (Intrusion Cuba), how involved in the coup in Guatemala and Chile. New York University School of Law scholar Patel said the incident touched the hearts of Latin American countries, the legacy of colonialism, U.S. hegemony and other “source of hatred.”