Baby boy in a traffic accident were thrown out of the car

Bus driver Wang Meng in the clean driving.
Photo by peak crossing up ahead there was an accident on the way, a boy was thrown from the car, fell more than 10 meters away, Suqian Shi Dongen 309 bus driver quickly stopped the car, and another truck driver Wang Meng, greeting passengers to save lives. Wang Meng picked up wounded boy all the way to running kilometers outside the hospital, racing against death … … Eventually, the dying boy was saved.
“People were smashed under the car, get out to save lives,” bus driver and passengers set off a vehicle and rescued the injured Wang Meng is the second limited one of the Suqian city public transport bus driver, he previously ran a town bus, a few days ago moved to the urban area runs urban public transport, arranged and the other driver Shi Dong ex-partner is familiar with 309 bus lines. On February 8, he and Shi Dong well driving his car along. 10:45, buses leave from the East bus station in Suqian. Car East out of the station, turn left after driving, not far away is the traffic light ahead, Shi Dong yan drove into the right turn lane, ready to turn right, drive on Wutai Mountain.
At this point, traffic accident took place under the lights, a blue Honda CRV car collided with a mini van, causing van rollover occurs, a woman who was pinned beneath a van. Three passengers on the bus. Shi Dong yan pulled up rapidly on the right bus, and Wang Meng greets passengers get off to save lives, “man being hit underneath the car, get out to save lives! “When passing other buses stopped, six or seven people to rip out van, woman pulled out under pressure in the car. Shi Dong TU try trying woman in nasal polyps and found that female without panting, later to see the woman’s eyes, he was relieved, and hastened to let someone else call 120 emergency phone. “This is really a long way over more than 1000 meters! “The bus driver picked up thrown out the baby to the hospital ran from behind the vehicle pulled out female, out of habit, Wang Meng and sees the scene.
Traffic lights and realized more than 10 meters away there is a baby face down under. Bad! Children were also injured.
He hurried past, picked up the children, which is around a 1 year old boy, his face covered with blood, his eyes closed, his hands lay sprawled at first sight to have no atmosphere. Wang Meng Meng, instinctively picked up hospital in Suqian city, boy, just kilometers away and ran. Ran over his mouth in oral delivery of the child. “This is really a long way over more than 1000 meters! “Wang Meng recalled that after running hundreds of meters, pulled up in a black sedan. Wang Meng suddenly draws back the door, sat in.
“Go, hurry up and save! “Wang Meng was almost growled at motorists. “No hospital, can’t say children are hopeless! “Wang Meng told reporters. Hospital gate, Wang Meng picked up children to hospitals to run, “a doctor! “But as urgent as possible, for a moment he couldn’t find the emergency room. At this point, a 120-car coming, he climbed all holding the baby, was sent by ambulance to the emergency room door. Medical staff were also welcome, Wang Meng carefully place baby into the emergency room bed, a miracle happened: the boy’s mouth, “wow” a voice cried. “Letting”, medical staff immediately initiated rescue.
Wang Meng was a long sigh, went to the emergency room door, he can’t take any further steps, sat on the floor, retching violently. At this point, car also came to the aid of a power company, outdoor, car, minivan drivers holding injured woman in a car crash. Wang Meng opened the door, took the injured woman down. “Don’t worry, kid’s all right. “Wang Meng the woman whispered. Women subconsciously “Hmmm” sound. Before the reporter learned from the hospital, injured children’s basic stability, “If a little late, dangerous” medical personnel with emotion: “this child meets the Liberator. “Reportedly, the Suqian City Transportation Management Department within the public transport system, launched initiatives to learn from bus driver Wang Meng.