Aso was forced to withdraw learning Nazi remarks

Japan’s Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso announced August 1 “withdraw” Prior to Japan to learn about the proposal to amend the constitution Nazi remarks. However, he caused a tsunami that statement did not subside. Japan’s Jiji news agency on the 1st issued a document that Aso’s remarks triggered China, South Korea, American Jewish groups strongly criticized the Abe government is trying to calm the situation, but the opposition Democratic Party, said in parliament held Aso political responsibility and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s appointment responsibilities. South Korea, “Asian Daily” 1, said Japanese politicians to distort history, lack of common sense has come to the point of control. Analysts said, “With the Japanese society as a whole conservatism and nationalism prevailed, and politicians have put such nonsense as to distort history Yew capacity, which is an indisputable fact.”
According to “Asahi Shimbun” reported on August 1 morning, facing a flood of reporters, Aso said, “I want to withdraw the statement to the Nazi government as an example.” He told Japan’s major media, said in a statement on July 29 in Japan, civil conservative think tank “National Institute for Basic Problems” held at the seminar incurred “misunderstanding”, “very sorry.” Said in a statement: “I think, in a calm environment to discuss a very important question to amend the constitution. To emphasize this point, I cite the Nazi regime in a speech in a noisy, in the not fully understood and discussed national circumstances modify Weimar Constitution as a negative example. My Nazis held a negative attitude, which is visible from the entire speech, but for example lead to misunderstanding, let me speak to recover. ”
But in the Japanese media content posted Aso speech before he looked pale and funny excuse. According to “Asahi Shimbun” published in the 1st text Aso speech, in which he said, “With the German democracy, Hitler mastered the parliamentary majority, the German people chose Hitler”, “at the time of the Weimar Constitution of Europe’s most advanced Next, Hitler came to power. ” “Yomiuri Shimbun” on the 1st day of the speech posted Aso outline clearly said: “Weimar Constitution unknowingly becomes a Nazi constitution this means if we learn how to?” “I did not deny that democracy means, but I would again repeat that, do not want to quarrel decision (to amend the Constitution). “” Daily News “on the 1st commented that Aso original excuse and contradictory statements, it would be difficult to get international understanding.