Asiana crash passenger nationality or poor one hundred different amount of compensation

According to the Associated Press, suffered Asiana Airlines “7.6 crash” of the passengers most likely because of a different nationality and can not get the same amount of compensation, an American citizen, or the number of compensation to passengers passengers and more than a hundred times in Asia.
Asiana Airlines is currently the U.S. president Yin Yong bucket handle “7.6 crash” casualties rehabilitation and compensation, compensation standards are expected to be released on the 18th. The Associated Press said that the current received the news that South Korea is likely to demand that the U.S. court dismissed the lawsuit claims foreign passengers, and let the foreign passengers back to the final destination of the purchased ticket country where the claim. The Associated Press quoted the analysis of several legal experts said, for aboard Asiana Airlines Flight 214 passengers, in the United States Court of relatives of the victims and the prosecution in Korea may receive compensation for relatives of the victims up to 100-fold difference.
Reported that the possible grounds for Asiana Airlines International Air Transport Rule “Montreal Convention”, sought to passengers aboard crashed airliner litigation Asian pitched in Asia rather than the United States on the grounds that the parties are in Asia. As Flight 214 crashed off from South Korea, the passengers mostly purchased air tickets, so non-US passengers claims litigation will likely by the Korean court. As a result, Asiana Airlines could save billions of dollars in compensation costs.
Because each country vary greatly claims judgment amount, the accident occurred significantly higher than the United States, the amount of compensation Asian countries. According to the U.S. standard of compensation, crash seriously injured will be able to get the highest ten million U.S. dollars in compensation, victims can also be obtained from five million to ten million U.S. dollars in compensation, but if the proceedings to the election in South Korea and other Asian countries, the wounded only the amount of compensation received tens of thousands of dollars.