Abe frequently angered China and South Korea

“In this region, the history of that apparently still has significant influence, especially in Japan in the past has been for many of its neighbors cruel imperialist aggression.” U.S. “Christian Science Monitor,” said the relationship between Korea and Japan may be more much depends on Japan, especially the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Abe not to be trusted neighbors whose grandfather Kishi was lucky enough to avoid the war crimes trials, Abe I view people for revival in Japan appears to be founded on continues to deny the poor performance of Japan’s past history over. The article quoted a Western diplomat as saying in Japan, will depend on many factors, “Abe heart is how to think about historical issues.”
However, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and some politicians on the history issue recently has frequently angered China and South Korea and other countries. Abe chosen July 7 – Japanese General Invasion day, when asked about the history of Japanese aggression cognitive claimed that Japan has a proud history, neighboring countries should be respected. 9, 2009, he was in the party’s first debate on the TBS television said the understanding of history and diplomacy between the two are different, accusing China of the historical question of understanding “inflection” to diplomacy with.
Kyodo news agency commented that the heads of the exchanges with China and South Korea in the interruption of the accused, Abe recently visited the United States over Taiwan and other half of the 13 countries as an example to refute said: “Japan has not been isolated.” However, the review said it 13 countries mostly in Eastern Europe and the Middle East and other relatively distant countries, not including China, Korea, narrow strip of water, which is reflected in the “Japanese diplomatic sense of occlusion.” CNN said that the Japanese put into historical issues further angered China and South Korea issue. Regardless of neighboring people sensitive to history, only limited territorial disputes with its neighbors Japan, handling space, and a host of other pressing issues “encounter headwinds.”
Shanghai Jiaotong University, Japan Research Center Director Wang Shaopu the 12th to accept the “Global Times” reporter, said the Pew survey results objectively reflect the Chinese, Korean and Japanese relations to the actual situation. Wang Shao-Pu said that with the passage of time, that period of history in Japan witness more and more death, the Japanese people to understand the truth of aggression will become less and less, while other politicians Abe’s words and deeds in the history of the problem as well as for history education measures to make the Japanese youth and historical truth lopsided. In fact, China and South Korea just hope that Japan could face the historical truth, this is not a propaganda of hatred, but let it learn from it.