12th inter-Korean talks held in the ROK authorities will introduce the process of confidence Peninsula

Talks will be held on the 12th inter-Korean authorities to the 13th was held in Seoul, Korea. Park Geun-hye is Korean government came to power at the first inter-Korean high-level talks between North and South Korea will become the trend barometer around.
Yonhap said that this meeting will undoubtedly become a Park Geun-hye government’s “Peninsula confidence-building process,” an important cornerstone. “Peninsula trust process” is Park Geun-hye’s policy toward North Korea, one refers to the Korean government has sufficient deterrent, based on the gradual accumulation of inter-Korean mutual trust, and ultimately to achieve peace and stability on the peninsula.
It is reported that South Korean government will introduce in this round of talks on the Korean Peninsula, the significance of trust in the process and stressed that if the North Korean denuclearization process progress, the international community could provide large-scale economic assistance to North Korea and urged North Korea to change its attitude.
Analysts believe that inter-Korean talks, the two sides in disagreements on specific issues, which will inevitably lead to talks difficult. South Korean government plans to discuss the differences smaller first three core issues, including the Kaesong industrial park, Kumgang tourism, reuniting separated families and so on, and then try to discuss North Korea denuclearization.
As the South Korean government to protect South Korea DPRK personal safety as to prevent a recurrence of the Kaesong Industrial Complex and the Mount Kumgang tourism project to restart a prerequisite for inter-Korean agreement on these issues is not easy. The North Korean side in addition to the three core issues, but also North and South Korea jointly organized plan referred to “6.15 Joint Declaration” and the “Joint Statement 7.4” observances, exchanges and contacts between Han Chaomin promote cooperation projects and other issues.
North Korean delegation will visit the Park Geun-hye is the focus of media attention. According to the analysis, if the DPRK Minister Kim Yang Jian united front to attend the talks, the DPRK delegation does not rule out the possibility of visiting Park Geun-hye, but if present at the talks the DPRK chief level is “down”, it is difficult to visit the DPRK delegation of Park Geun-hye. The South Korean government expressed, there is no any information about the North Korean delegation plans to visit Park Geun-hye.
In addition, both Koreas may attend the talks in today’s exchange list of the delegation. North and South Korea this month on the 9th to the 10th working meeting held Secretary-level delegation of staffing levels on the discussions, but failed to narrow differences of opinion. South Korea said the chief will be responsible for inter-Korean issues, the right to consultation and the authorities who decided to serve. However, the DPRK said that the DPRK Representative to “higher authorities who.” “Higher authority person” is a relatively vague concept WPK solely responsible for united front against North Korea policy, Minister Kim Yang Jian is not clear whether it will attend the talks.