China hosted cited concern about the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

“UN-backed Israeli – Palestinian Peace International Conference” on the 18th and the 19th in Beijing. For China’s “host” status, the Western media are interpreted as “a rising China more deeply involved in Middle East affairs.” Last month, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Beijing around the feet, Chinese mediation efforts of the Palestinian-Israeli issue drew international attention. AFP 18 commented that China is changing the past, “Do not meddle Middle East” stance, expressed clear support for two-state solution to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to support the Palestinians to obtain full membership in the United Nations.

From more than 40 countries, representatives of international organizations as well as experts and scholars more than 150 people attended the meeting. The 18th meeting, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon through the Assistant Secretary-General issued a call on the international community to pay attention Talan Ke Palestine-Israel issue the call: “The next few weeks will be crucial, I must emphasize that this rare opportunity missed huge risk. This may be the last chance. “Talan Ke said that the international community should work together to make 2013 a Palestinian-Israeli peace and peace throughout the region of positive significance of the year. Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. AFP, 18, said, attended by representatives of the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian People’s Party General Secretary Salehi said that China can play in the Middle East problem “special effect.” Salehi also on the “Global Times” reporter, said the Palestinian-Israeli conflict mediation failed because the United States, China should join the Quartet on this issue (the United Nations, Russia, the United States and the European Union) conference.
“Seeks diplomatic clout, China hosted the Middle East Peace Forum,” the Associated Press reported on the 18th as a title, “said conference does not expect any substantive outcome, but the meeting itself, showing China trying to find a balance in the efforts of countries in the Middle East: China supports the Palestinian statehood cause, Saudi Arabia and other countries heavily dependent on oil, but also want to get Israel from paramilitary training to agricultural irrigation and other aspects of high-tech exports. “reported that in 2009, China began to participate fully in the Middle East, and tried the same Most mainstream political forces in the region to keep in touch, and avoid getting involved in the dialogue. Analysts believe that the Chinese are very satisfied with the success of the strategy, both to achieve the purpose of improving diplomatic influence, but also to avoid alienating either side. University of Haifa, Israel, China scholar Shichor analysts say, Beijing hosted the United Nations conference may be a response to the Arab countries, the Arab countries want China to compete in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the U.S. support for Israel. He said, however, China still hopes the United States and Russia, the Middle East issue “carry beam.”
Chinese Middle East envoy Wu Sike on the 18th during the meeting to accept the “Global Times” reporter, said that China should replace the United States influence in the Middle East is a “zero-sum thinking, with the facts”, “China wishes neither exclude nor weakness others, but take the opposite (method) form a joint force. ” He said that because of the Middle East problem is too complex, although the United States in the Middle East affairs and play a leading role, But, we are unable to resolve their own power, “China and the United States in the Middle East, there are many common interests, the Middle East issue in Sino-US strategic part of the conversation. “